The Galactic Lens

The following diagram and text is from Oliver L. Reiser, Cosmic Humanism and World Unity, (Gordon & Breach, 1975)

Making a Universe

In Pantheism, "God" is man's name for the Guiding Field or Cosmic Imagination by means of which undifferentiated energy is focused in nodal points in space-time, subsequently to evolve under the influence of guiding fields on higher levels.

The Galactic Lens

Cosmic Field Energy is converted into particles, which are made in pairs as enantiomorphic or mirror images, which yields cosmic symmetry for strong forces:
  • Protons arrow Anti-protons
  • Positrons arrow Electrons
  • Neutrons arrowAnti-neutrons
  • Neutrinos arrowAnti-neutrinos
A galactic spiral is a huge cyclotron, the rotation of which acts as a giant accelerator that generates cosmic rays, according to Enrico Fermi and Bruno Rossi.  In the Cyclic-Creative cosmology the spiral galaxy has an Eye or Lens through which the Cosmic Imagination visualizes matter (atomic hydrogen) into existence.

It takes eight dimensions to MAKE A UNIVERSE: four above the four-dimensional space-time continuum of general relativity theory. "Particles" are spiraloids of energy which are tied in nodal points of entry in the space-time of the manifest world.

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