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Kheper Palaeo

A selection of pages on various creatures from the Earth's past

About Kheper Palaeo

This section contains a number of pages written from 1998 to 2001 (with some more recent html updates in 2005) on various groups of prehistoric animals, etc. These were originally part of a larger project called "Kheper - History of Gaia". However, as there was a lot of common ground and overlap, these pages were merged with Toby White's "Vertebrate Notes" to form the present Palaeos Palaeos website, and the "History of Gaia" pages taken down from this site as an unnecessary duplication.

I have retained these pages because they follow an older paradigm, being more linnean-taxonomic/evolutionary than cladistic-phylogentic, and some people might find this different slant of interest. However the cladistic paradigm is now the scientifically excepted and current one. Also, I am not planning to update these pages, so as well as being incomplete as regards certain taxa they do not account for more recent discoveries. For a more current and phylogenetic coverage, see the Palaeos website.

Also, these pages include many illustrations (mostly from various books and papers) that weren't included in the Palaeos edition.

At one time (back in 2005) I was going to develop a Theory of Everything and integrate in it a New Evolutionary Synthesis based on concepts of Metamorphosis, using examples from the history of life on Earth, including these well illustrated pages. However I now feel this would be too tedious a task, and will only provide much more cursory coverage on my website and books.

There was also at one time a plan to have a three-way fork; the same origianl material going and evolving and combining in three different directions (Palaeos, Wiki, and the currect section). To faciliate cross reference, each page would have included where applicable an icon linking it to the corresponding Palaeos Palaeos page, and another to the corresponding Wikipedia Wiki page. Becuase of other priorities, I am now not planning to do this. So the current pages will stand as they are.

Groups included

Dinosaurs (incomplete)

Pareiasauridae - ox-sized primitive herbivores of the Permian

Pelycosauriae - Permian fin-backs and their relatives

Thecodonts - Archosaurs of the Triassic

Therapsids - Permo--triassic mammal-like reptiles (incomplete)


Biota paleoecology - this is perhaps teh msot intersting section. (incomplete)

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