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The Integral Paradigm - provisional overview of a book in progress

I've been working on a book, previously called Integral Metaphysics and Transformation, for several years now. I'm renaming it because Integral Metaphysics is just one aspect of the Integral Paradigm (albiet an important one)

The current plan is that the book will consist of the following topics - Introduction, Manysidedness, Metaphysics, Evolution, Ethics, Co-Creation, Synthesis, and Divinization, plus glossary. Some topics discussed are as follows.


Asking Big Questions, worldview, paradigm, introduction to the Integral paradigm.


The basis of the Integral paradigm; Anekantavada, Broadness, All-Inclusiveness. Refutation of all fundamentalism and one-sidedness


Presents an integral, all inclusive and esoteric metaphysics. Authentic metaphysics cannot be distinct from Gnosis. Refutation of Wilber's exoteric "post-metaphysics". Transcendent metaphysics, Great Chain of Being, esoteric cosmology, evolving body of godhead, esoteric and occult realities, planes and dimensions of consciousness etc. Weaves together the Aurobindonian progressive, Gnostic-Manichaean-Lurianic-Theonist dualistic, Theosophical cyclic, perspectives in a single multidimensional account of the origin and destiny of the Earth.


Both Spiritual and scientific e.g. Darwinian, evolution, creativity, spontaneity. An Integral theory of evolution. Brings together esoteric and occult, integralist, and Secular Scientific insights to create a big picture view of cosmic evolution, the evolution of consciousness and of matter, life, mind, and postsapience, and the History and Destiny of the Earth


Empathy for all beings, I-Thou (Buber), Integral ethics, Sentientism/sentient rights (Animal Liberation etc), p2p, Eco-spirituality, Participatory epistemology and spirituality, the "Great Turning", etc etc.


Personal and social transformation; Social and global transformation, The Counterculture, the New Age as "public esotericism", Alternative/New Age (1960s onwards), Ecological spirituality, the role of the Internet in the developing Noosphere (1990s onwards), the Integral Movement which develops from the New Paradigm


Synthesis of all partial perspectives and practices in a larger or universal integral whole; Philosophical/Scientific/Spiritual synthesis, Integral movement, Integral Yoga, Esoteric Spirituality, etc


Towards the divine transformation. The effect of the 1956 Supramental Descent on the world toady. Topics include the Aurobindonian tradition (1900s onwards), ascension, reality co-creation, transformation of the cells, the "twelve strand DNA" (not to taken literally as it is psuedo-scientific nonsense, it actually refers to etheric resonances), transformation of the body, The three-fold Integral Transformation (physical, esoteric/occult, and divine). Singularity, Divinization, Perfection, Omega Point, Supramentalization, Transhumanist themes of the Singularity. Integrates Transhumanist and Wilberian, and Transhumanist and Aurobindonian perspectives.

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