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The Primordial Person

The "Primordial Person"  is the original involutionary entity, a sort of incarnating godhead, from which all other entities and personalities that make up evolving spiritual reality have ultimately derived.  This is given many names.  In Indian Vedic thought it is the cosmic Purusha - the godhead that becomes the universe (the panentheistic approach).  In Manicaheism it is the Divine World Soul ("Anthropos" - literally "human being") that sacrificed Itself by giving itself into darkness and matter, so that this darkness may ultimately be conquered.  In ancient Chinese mythology it is Pan Gu.  In Kabbalistic thought it is Adam Kadmon, the "primordial man", or in  Lurianic Kabbalah the original Adam Soul from which all the other souls have arisen out of.

I understand the Primordial Person, Purusha, or Anthropos, in the gnostic sense of a non-physical descent of the original Divine personality (manifest absolute consciousness), at once Creator, Ur-Avatar, and Ur-Soul. Sri Aurobindo speaks of this in his epic poem Savitri.  Through countless metamorphoses this Divine Personality gave rise to all the innumerable evolving beings that inhabit the physical universe.  I have used the image of the glowing lotus as an evocative and non-anthropomorphic symbol of this divine being.

The Primordial Person in the Rg Veda

The Purusha (Supreme Being) is thousand-headed,
thousand eyed, thousand footed;
and, pervading the earth on all sides,
He exists beyond the ten directions.

The Purusha, indeed, is all this,
what has been and what will be,
and the Lord of immortality
as well as of mortal creatures.

Such is His magnificence, but
the Purusha is even greater than this;
all beings are a fourth of Him,
three-fourths--His immortality--lie in heaven.

Three-fourths of the Purusha ascended;
the fourth part came here again and again,
and, diversified in form, it moved
to the animate and the inanimate world.

Rig Veda 10.90.1-4

  Pan Gu - the Primordial Person of Chinese mythology
  The myth of man and creation/emanation in Rudolph Steiner's cosmogony

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