The Middle Emotional Body

Feeling faculty

Middle Emotional body according to Barbara Brennan
This is the Introvert Feeling type of Carl Jung.

Christopher Hills identifies this faculty with the colour blue.   It would seem to correspond to the yin (introvertive) polarity of Barbara Ann Brennan's "Astral body" (or fourth energy field body).

Feeling-satisfaction type

This type lives in a mental world of his own commitment to idealistic feelings.  He is hind-sighted and historical.  Living in a present composed of memories of the past.  Existing concepts family values, recognised authorities and situations are all bound into his ideals and accepted as images of reality. His feelings for family and community traditions and fixed sense experiences are imprisoned in an objective time so as to relax and feel satisfaction. He experiences time as binding all events into memories of emotional and mental concepts.  Loves established ways, principles, ethics, morality.

Christopher Hills, Nuclear Evolution - Discovery of the Rainbow Body,  p.613 (1977, University of the Trees Press)

Corresponding Chakras - Manipura-2 - Anahata - Vishudda (front)

Christopher Hills' identification of the orange feeling faculty with the fifth (throat or Vishuddha chakra) is only partly valid.  The Feeling consciousness could be better matched with the front throat, heart, and solar plexus in conjunction; these being associated with the descending yin ch'i energy.

Corresponding astrological planets and signs

Astrologically the planets associated with the conservative introvertive feeling energy and the emphasis on tradition and family values would be the moon (for reflecting the mass consciousness) and saturn (for tradition and structure).  The associated signs would be Cancer and Capricorn, which constitute a polarity on the zodiac wheel.

Corresponding kabbalistic sefirah

There do not appear to be any clear associations in either Hermetic or traditional Kabbalah here.

Fields of Human Society

The introvertive emotional body seems particularily associated with religion.  Because of the emphasis opn maintaining structure there would also be an association with police and law, which is why police are generally associated with blue.

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