The Lower Emotional Body

The Self-assertive Feeling faculty

the lower emotional body according to Barbara Brennan

Christopher Hills identifies this faculty with the colour green.   It would seem to correspond to the introvertive or yin polarity of the lower emotional body.  This is the second energy field body in  in Barbara Ann Brennan's system of etheric-auric bodies.

Concerning this personality type Christopher Hills says

Self-assertive type

The desire for power to survive and store up energy and "vital form" causes individuals to expend energies to get them.   The need for emotional and spiritual security leads to feelings of lack   Such individuals seek the effectiveness and power to assert themselves in the community.  Jealousy caused by loss or control over the love object needs to he dealt with when arising from the possessive instincts. This relates to self-centred love fixations, love/hate emotions, power and feelings of absorption and attention. Self assurance and confidence may camouflage unacknowledged self doubts. Experiences time past present or future depending on each situation and its threat to security.

Christopher Hills, Nuclear Evolution - Discovery of the Rainbow Body,  p.613 (1977, University of the Trees Press)

This would presumably be the same as the Introvert sensation-Feeling type of Carl Jung.

Corresponding Chakras - Swadhisthana and Manipura 1 (front)

Christopher Hills identifies the green feeling consciousness with the heart or anahata chakra.  A better match would be the front genital (Swadhisthana) and front navel (Manipura 1) chakras.  The navel chakra especially would be associated with the taking in of nourishment (due to the umbilical connection).  The consciousness at this level would be generally instinctual and lower emotional.

Corresponding astrological planets and signs

Astrologically the planet associated with the lower emotional faculty would be the Moon and Venus (the latter associated with the colour Green, due to teh fact that it's attributed metal in the Chaldean Hellenistic system, copper, has green rust).

The green colour is also associated with the plant kingdom (chlorophyl).  In modern astrology Virgo is associated with gardening.  Medieval astrology also equates virgo with the intestines, hence the navel chakra again.  Virgo is also associated with healing, which ties in with Hills' refrence to the "vital force".

Corresponding kabbalistic sefirah

In Hermetic Kabbalah (Qabalah) the corresponding sefirah (sphere of consciousness) might seem to be Yesod, which is associated with the moon and also with sexuality and the astral plane (a bit of a mishmash really).  However the reference to green would indicate Netzah, associated with the planet Venus.  There is no symbolic equivalent in Judaic Kabbalah (where both Yesod and Netzah have different meanings).

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