The Physical - Lower Emotional Type

The Sensation faculty

the lower emotional body according to Barbara Brennan

Christopher Hills identifies this faculty with the colour red.   This would seem to correspond to the extrovertive or yang polarity of the lower emotional body.  This is the second energy field body in  in Barbara Ann Brennans system of etheric-auric bodies.

Concerning this personality type Christopher Hills says

Sensation type

Orientated to transient external stimuli. the impulsive  manipulation of objects affecting touch and experiences in the immediate  now. without much awareness of past or future events.  His concrete
 self is not related to flow of time which is always now. Relates all  sensations to self pleasure or self pain and is unaware of inner worlds of  others unless they are useful for purposes of self-esteem. The colour  red brings on reactiveness and physical excitement, related to anger,  pugnacity. aggressiveness, sensation, intensity, physical bully.

Christopher Hills, Nuclear Evolution - Discovery of the Rainbow Body,  p.613 (1977, University of the Trees Press)

This would presumably be the same as the extrovert Sensation type of Carl Jung.

Corresponding Chakras - Muladhara and Swadhisthana (rear)

Christopher Hills identifies the red sensation consciousness with the muladhara or base chakra.  Because he includes sexuality here, his muladhara is actually the same as the muladhara plus the swadhisthana of other authors.  The only other philosopher who has the same interpretation of the muladhara is Sri Aurobindo.

According to Mantak Chia, the muladhara and the swadhisthana are distinct but closely related, and can be considered together for meditation purposes.

Corresponding astrological planet and sign

The obvious connection of the planet Mars and its associated sign Aries come to mind here.

Corresponding kabbalistic sefirah

In Hermetic Kabbalah (Qabalah) the corresponding sefirah (sphere of consciousness) is Gevurah, associated with Mars.   This is quite unlike the Gevurah of Judaic Kabbalah, which actually represents the negative or restrictive cosmic polarity, the opposite of Hesed or Boundless Mercy.  (a corresponding planet for the Judaic Gevurah would be Saturn).

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