The Middle Mental Body

Intellectual thinking faculty - Reason

the Mental body according to Barbara Brennan

Christopher Hills identifies this faculty with the colour yellow,  Barbara Ann Brennan also describes the etheric mental body as yellow in colour.  The yellow in question would be  a bright cadmium yellow, not a dull yellow


30. REASON (reason) Linear logic

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Reason pertains to the head, rather than the heart.  As such, reason allies itself with science, but does not sit comfortably with religion.

The tools of reason are philosophy and science

In esoteric cosmology, reason is a faculty of the Mental Plane, and specifically of the middle mental body.

Christopher Hills identifies this faculty with the colour yellow.

Concerning the personality type dominated by this faculty he gives the following insghtful summary

Intellectual thinking type

"This type analyses everything and must know what and where. Uses intellect to cut nip events into true or false, past or future; and remains detached from the immediate now. Must know logical framework before capable of understanding anything, yet seeks originality and change. Accepts conclusions based on theoretical content and temporary proofs in order to justly putting "content" Into an ideal or hypothetical form. Often feels emptiness and coldness in relationships develops zealousness to compensate. Experiences time at continuos flow of process. Insists on details and logical supremacy in all matters.  Is self-assertive and relates to intellectual thinking.  Drive towards change.  Love of novelty and mental excitement."

Christopher Hills, Nuclear Evolution - Discovery of the Rainbow Body,  p.613 (1977, University of the Trees Press)

This is the Introvertive or Extravertive sensation-Thinking type of Carl Jung.

Corresponding Chakra - Ajna (front)

Both Christopher Hills and Barbara Ann Brennan identify the yellow intellect with the navel or Manipura chakra.  The only reason for this association is that the yellow is the third colour in the spectrum and the middle mental body the third etheric body, therefore the corresponding chakra has to be the third one from the bottom, the manipura.  This association is however quite at variance with the consciousness that is usually associated with the gut, which is primarily instinctual and lower emotional.

The Middle Intellect, being the function of the brain and thus head centered, is best associated with the Ajna or brow chakra.

Corresponding astrological planets and signs

Astrologically the planet associated with the middle intellect would be Mercury.  The astrological signs would be Gemini and Virgo (both ruled by Mercury).  Scientific method (an application of reason) is more specifically virgoan in its conservatism and attention to detail (even if it has a strong aquarian/uranian element).

It is important to realise though that this is the modern mercury of humanistic astrology, not teh Hermes/Mercury of  Hellenistic Hermeticism and medieaval, rennaisance, and post-rennaisance alchemy.

Corresponding kabbalistic sefirah

In Hermetic Kabbalah (Qabalah) which is based on the Golden Dawn occult system, and strongly influenced by astrology, the corresponding sefirah (sphere of consciousness) is Hod, which represents the intellect (both rational and imaginative) as opposed to the emotional being of Netzah.  The astrological planet corresponding to Hod is naturally Mercury.

In traditional Judaic Kabbalah, especially the Hassidic Kabbalah of the Chabad movement, the corresponding sefirah is Daat - knowledge.  (Daat or Daath however has a totally different menaing in Hermetic Qabalah - there it refers to the higher intuitive mind)..

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