On the physical plane, thoughts are just thoughts.
On the psychic planes, thoughts are things
They have a life and a reality of their own.
They can continue to exist even independently of the person who thought them.
They go out in the world and influence their environment
They are dynmaic, and seek material expression and actualisation.
They try to actualise in the physical, no matter how weakly (or some cases strongly) the circumstances corresponding to their configoration

This is a truth that is known to internal link - related topicTheosophistsinternal link - related topicHermeticists, Occultists, Shamans, internal link - related topicNeo-Pagansinternal link - related topicNew Age people...., in fact it is a basic component of the esoteric understanding of the universe.  Even exoteric religions acknowledge it, no matter how poorly, when they refer to prayer.  They think it is internal link - related topicGod that answers their prayers.  It is not.  It is the power of their own thoughts (and didn't Jesus say if you had sufficient beleif, sufficient faith, you could move a mountain?)  Only exoteric internal link - related topicscientistic and rationalistic reductionistic paradigms have lost site of it, being confined by the physical mind.

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