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Atomistic Being
Individual (Dualistic) Being
Expanded (Transpersonal) Being
Cosmic Being
Universal Being


From Absolute to Atomistic Being

Reality is originally infinite, but through identification with it's objects the boundaries of consciousness shrink.  This is an aspect of involution,  A dimension of manifestation, which begins at an even more transcendent and ineffable level of the Manifest Absolute, is the sequence or gradation from the one Absolute Consciousness to the multiplicity of seperate entities and seperate centres of consciousness.  This is explained in Kashmir Shaivism, a more philosophical-cosmological form of Tantra than the more magical and occult-orientated Bengali Shaktism.

From Atomistic Being to Absolute

The following links trace the series from the "negative" to the "positive" and finally the Absolute pole.

Atomistic Being
Dualistic Being
Expanded (Transpersonal) Being
The Universal-Cosmic Godhead (Cosmic Being)
Universal-Transcendent Absolute Being (Universal Being)

Dimension of Being in Conjunction with other Parameters of Reality

 Being and Reality
Consciousness and Being
Existence and Being
Hypostases and Being

Nature of Reality

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