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The Mental aspect of Mind

(the thinking mind - mind proper)

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Beneath spiritual mind - which is the province of enlightened beings and only appears at best as flashes of inspiration in ordinary consciousnes, there is the plane of mundane mind, or mind-proper.  Concerning this, Sri Aurobindo explains

"The mind proper is divided into three parts - Thinking Mind, Dynamic Mind, Externalising Mind - the former concerned with ideas and knowledge in their own right, the second with the putting out of mental forms for realisation of the idea, the third with the expression of them in life (not only by speech, but by any form it can give.)"
[Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga vol 1, pp.326 (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)]

The following (from Growth Online - external link Our Human Makeup is a summary of this aspect of being as presented in Sri Aurobindo's teachings:

Level #, Level, Level Definition, Function, Expression, Works, Historical
1 PURE MENTAL (The pure mental, Conceptual Mind, Mental mental, Thinking mind, Master of thought, speculative mind)

This is where pure thinking, conceptual thinking takes place; where ideas are organized; concepts, ideas, possibilities are developed. There is no connection here to the senses of the body here as perceived in the sense mind below. It is pure thought. It is the center of our mental skills.

Pure mind not related to emotion or body. Conceptual thinking, pure ideas, pure thinking, organization of ideas

Concepts, ideas, possibilities, mental skills, movement toward pure understanding, accomplishment by comprehension. One reflects on mystery of the universe, meaning of one's place in creation.

logical, insightful.  Skills -- Decision making, planning, problem-solving, writing?

Philosopher, philosophy, mathematics, theoretical physics

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