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The Physical Mind

"The word "physical mind" is rather ambiguous, because it can mean (the) externalising Mind and the mental in the physical taken together."
[Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga vol 1, pp.326 (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)]
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Physical Mind

The following further quotes of Sri Aurobindo are from the "Divine Plan" website (no longer online)

"This part of the mind is the instrument of understanding and ordered action on physical things guided only by an external knowledge. It is agile and active and competent only in its own limits, when it has to deal with the supraphysical things it becomes incompetent, often imbecile and yet positive and arrogant and dogmatic in its ignorance. A principle of dark and dull inertia is at its base; all are tied down by the body and its needs and desires to a trivial mind, petty desires and emotions, an insignificant repetition of small worthless functionings, needs, cares, occupations, pains, pleasures that lead to nothing beyond themselves and bear the stamp of an ignorance that knows not its own why or whither. This physical mind of inertia believes in no divinity other than its small earth-gods; it aspires perhaps to a greater comfort, order, pleasure, but asks for no uplifting and no spiritual deliverance. We arrive at the conception and at the knowledge of a divine existence by exceeding the evidence of the senses and piercing beyond the walls of the physical mind. "

In this bound thinking's narrow leadership
Tied to the soil, inspired by common things,
Attached to a confined familiar world,
Amid the multitude of her motived plots,
Her changing actors and her million masks,
Life was a play monotonously the same.

The following (from Growth Online - external link Our Human Makeup is a summary of this aspect of being as presented in Sri Aurobindo's teachings:

Level #, Level, Level Definition, Function, Expression, Works, Historical
3 PHYSICAL MENTAL  (The physical part of the mental plane, the physical mind seated in the brain)

The processing, organizing, systemizing of physical, natural, practical facts of information from the senses into understanding, comprehension, and knowledge, used for decision-making, action, and accomplishment.

-Organizes & coordinates facts of physical phenomena that the senses gather, into systems & decisions, to create thoughts. 
-There is a mastery of physical and natural processes. One has the knowledge of the practical. 
-Is where systematic planning for organized action takes place. Seeks material goals. 
- It is the seat of action. 
-There is a thirsting for information and understanding. The mind wants to understand. 
-One can accomplish because there is comprehension. 
Mind (levels 1,2,3) increasingly governs and directs life and actions. 

Thought facts, mental possessiveness (right, claim), organizer of mankind & society

Awareness, naivety, brilliant, learned, stupid?, insightful?

Engineering, medicine, technician, physical sciences

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