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Lower or Physical Vital

 "The lower vital as distinguished from the higher is concerned only with the small greeds, small desires, small passions, etc, which make up the daily stuff of life for the ordinary sensational man; while the vital-physical proper is the nervous being giving vital reflexes to contacts of things with the physical consciousness."
[Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga vol 1, pp.327 (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)]
Mental Vital
Emotional Vital
Vital proper
Physical Vital

The following further quotes of Sri Aurobindo are from the "Divine Plan" website (no longer online)

"Most people live in the vital. That means that they live in their desires, sensations, emotional feelings, vital imaginations and see and experience and judge everything from that point of view. It is the vital that moves them, the mind being at its service, not its master. In yoga also many people do sadhana from that plane and their experience is full of vital visions, formations, experiences of all kinds, but there is no mental clarity or order, neither do they rise above the mind. It is only the minority of men who live in the mind or in the psychic or try to live in the spiritual plane. "

Absorbed they lived in the passion of the scene,
But knew not who they were and or why they lived:
Life had for them no aim save Nature's joy
And the stimulus and delight of outer things.

The following (from Growth Online - external link Our Human Makeup is a summary of this aspect of being as presented in Sri Aurobindo's teachings:

Level #, Level, Level Definition, Function, Expression, Works, Historical
6 PHYSICAL VITAL (The physical part of the vital plane)

This is where we experience the vital sensation of the nerves, the central nervous system, where we experience urge, desire, and fear.

Vital sensation, the nerves, the central nervous system, vital enjoyment, accomplishment by enjoyment

Vital desire, urge, engaging, nervous sensations (e.g. desire, fear), responses, and social behavior, physical devotion, emotional sense of duty. Seeks action, relationship, expansion, adventure, acquisition, conquest, and enjoyment.

Lust, fear, adventurous, acquisitive, domineering, strong?, vain?

Industry, trader

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