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Vital Beings

Psychic Being
(Chaitya Purusha)

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The Beings of the Vital Plane are frequently referred to, more often by Mirra (the Mother) than by Sri Aurobindo, but sometimes by the latter too in his more informal writings (Letters on Yoga etc).  These are often powerful, awesome biengs, belonging to a  number of different categories, some benevolent, some mixed, others hostile.

Divine Vital Being Asura
Vital formations

The term Vital Being, like Vital Plane, is something of a misnomer.  "Psychic Being" would be better, except that in this philosophy the Psychic refers to the Divine Soul.  The Theosophical term "Astral" can be used; these then are the beings, often gods and daimons, of the Astral Plane.  Hermetic Qabalah and Magick also frequently deals with these beings.  It should be noted that Theosophy in describing the Astral Plane and beings only refers to the most superficial spheres and inhabitants of this region.  One needs to go deeper - into the Intermediate Zone, to get a full insight into the nature and power of these beings.

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