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web pagelinks Encyclozine - A Look at Ancient Egypt - basic intro, with annotated links

Guardian's Egypt Ancient Egypt On The Web

Wikipedia Ancient Egypt - Wikipedia portal and associated pages

links page Egypt annotated links to various aspects of ancient Egyptian civilisation and culture

links page Egypt Page - annotated list of links; includes a number of links pertaining to ancient Egypt

joelclark net "Site of artist Joel Clark . Witness the ever-living power of Pharaonic Egypt, the source of Alchemy and the Hermetic tradition, as captured by this visionary homage to the Wisdom of the Temple. In an age of technology and speed, here one finds art as it was done in the time of the Renaissance, with pen and ink, brush and tempera, gold leaf, and hundreds and hundreds of hours of meticulous effort going into the production of a single work. Not to be missed!"

The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic Thought The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic Thought - by Daniel R. McBride

"My thesis on the Egyptian Gnostics is posted here in its entirety. I felt it important to make it available before I find an eventual publisher for those interested in a perspective upon the origins of Gnostic thought, one only marginally indebted to the current Christian Origins appropriation of the field. This thesis firmly grounds the rise of Gnosis in ancient emanationist theologies, preeminently Egyptian and, furthermore, presents a socio-historic perspective for the rise of Gnostic thought in Alexandria. Presented here, as well, are a number of original Gnostic tractates, translated by the author."

web pagelinks Kemet Page - various links

Web Site All Things Sekhmet

on-line text Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics - Michael Poe - comprehensive on-line text including initiation, mythology, gods, magic, etc - 188 kb

Web Site Tutankhamen

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