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The Roots of Findhorn - References


Derek Cameron

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Peter Caddy. In Perfect Timing. Autobiography.

Eileen Caddy. Flight into freedom and beyond. Autobiography.

Dorothy Maclean. To hear the angels sing. Contains autobiographical materials.

Anne Edwards. A world within a world, X-7 reporting. Transcripts from telepathic contacts.

Paul Hawken. The magic of Findhorn. Impressionistic account.

Findhorn Community. The Findhorn garden. "Official" version of the history.

Geoffrey Hodson. Kingdom of the Gods. A theosophist's clairvoyant investigations of the deva kingdoms, first published in 1952.

Steven Sutcliffe. Children of the new age. Includes original research.

Philip Heselton. Wiccan roots. Includes original research into the Rosicrucian Order Crotona Fellowship.

Isobel Govan. Spirit of revival. Biography of Sheena Govan's father.

Daily Record and Scottish Daily Express from January 14, 1957 onwards

Sunday Mail from January 20, 1957 onwards with long features beginning May 5, 1957

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