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The Roots of Findhorn - part 3


Derek Cameron

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Peter Caddy also brought to his life at Findhorn a deep belief in the possibility of guidance, a belief that dated from a childhood encounter with a medium that he credited for a win in a school boxing match. He had started a small vegetable garden to alleviate the problem of feeding a family of five on unemployment benefit. When he ran into questions about gardening that books could not answer, it was to the possibility of guidance that he turn. Specifically, he asked Dorothy Maclean if she would attempt to turn her sensitivity to this goal.

It is not clear from the published accounts whether Dorothy Maclean had already read at that time theosophist Geoffrey Hodson's 1952 Kingdom of the Gods. That book describes the results of Hodson's clairvoyant investigations of the deva forces, and introduces terms as such as "landscape angel" that would later become part of the Findhorn vocabulary.

Whatever the case, Maclean was sensitive enough to establish her own contact with the devas of the plant kingdom, and peform her own experiments. Under this devic guidance the garden at Findhorn flourished. Local people began to visit, and this led to an invitation for Caddy to appear on a 1965 BBC radio program on gardening. This was the first that the world outside of Morayshire learned of the giant vegetables miraculousy appearing at Findhorn. There was no public mention of the deva contacts at this time, though; the public would not learn of these contacts until several years later.

Also not made public at that time were the evening activities of the group at Findhorn. In the late 1940s Peter Caddy had encountered an American who at the time was living in the Philippines. Her name was Anne Edwards, and Peter Caddy described her as the best sensitive he had ever met. She in turn introduced Peter to the Network of Light, a planetary collection of groups receiving and radiating love and light from the spiritual hierarchy. The Network had been initiated in 1937 by Alice Bailey. Peter had been an avid reader of Alice Bailey books earlier in his life, but it was his contact with Anne Edwards, called Naomi in the books, that sparked his interest in the network. Peter Caddy kept up his correspondence with Anne Edwards over the years, and eventually she would join the small group at Findhorn in person. Receiving and radiating love and light, and making telepathic contact with other groups doing the same, became part of the Findhorn mix.

Beginning the Findhorn garden reflected Peter's approach of looking for positive, constructive solutions to life's problems. The building program at Findhorn began in the same way. Dorothy Maclean had to take long walks in all weathers to join them for their work; hence the construction of an annex for her. The children wanted to play outside, but brought dirt into the caravan; hence the construction of a concrete patio. Yet reflecting the belief in daily guidance, othing was planned in advance. All that was required were immediate and constructive solutions to immediate problems, and ordinary activities carried out with great love.

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