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The Esoteric Theory of Gaia

Esoteric Gaia Gaia as consisting of layers of existence and consciousness - physical, etheric, psychic, noeric and divine.   The Goddess Gaia can be conceived of as the immanent Divine presence, the Shekinah or Sophia, which manifestst through successive levels of being as the various hierearchie sof the nature kingdoms - devas, elementals etc.  Evolution of physical life is the external expression of subtle evolution and transformation on the spiritual and etheric planes.

Logos Gaia Gaia as the "planetary logos" - the soul or consciousness of the Earth as a more masculine presence.  This is a Theosophical idea basically.  The Theosophical position has a god-like being who is in control power - the Planetary Logos.  The Anthroposophical position is basically similiar.  However apart from this difference there is the same conception of spiritual hierarchies.

Regarding these two positions: personally I myself prefer the idea of a feminine indwelling presence of the Earth.  There seems to be a very widespread correspondence of Earth-mother-yin Heaven-father-yang.  e.g. Shamanism, Taoism, New Age movements, and to a lesser extent Kabbalah.  This equivalence is not however coompletely universal; the Egyptians equated the Earth with a male deity, Geb, and the Sky or Heaven with a female one, Nuit.

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on-line documentThe Wisdom of Gaia by John Van Mater, Jr. - on-line essay presenting a Theosophical interpretation (from Sunrise magazine, April/May 1993. Copyright © 1993 by Theosophical University Press)

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