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the Spiritual Reality

There are basically two ways to look at Gaia.  One is the scientific approach of James Lovelock and Lyn Margulis, propounders of the "Gaia Hypothesis".  This describes the "body" of Gaia.  The other is the empathetic and intuitive spiritual-metaphysical position popularised by the New Age movement, Neo-Paganism, certain "New Paradigm" thinkers, and others, which related to the "soul" of Gaia.

Of course, science and metaphysics are not disparate but complementary, since they both describe different facets of the same reality, and even converge and overlap, so we can have spiritual science and scientific spirituality.

If humanity is to continue to survive, and indeed if life in all its diversity is to survive, we need to develop a correct attitude and relationship to Gaia.  This is what Eco-spirituality is all about

Gaia and Consciousness

Living in Harmony with Gaia
Holism and Ecological Spirituality

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