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web pageincludes links Gnosticism - Ancient and Modern - a brief but very good overview by the external link Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

web pagepdf format ebooks History of Magic, Western Mysticism, etc. - includes several downloadable books on Gnosticism, by Borce Gjorgjievski. Also on this site are several other texts on Western occultism and hermeticism

Wikipedia link Gnosticism - Wikipedia, includes a large amount of material on just about every imaginable subtopic of Gnosticism. Some of it is introductory and readable, other ,material is more detailed, or written ina dense academic manner. Wikipedia presents an Wikipedia link etic (outsider, observer, and, I would add, exoteric) approach that, while very useful from an academic and encyclopedia point of view, does not convey the esoteric meaning of Gnosticism and of Gnosis.


In Depth

Web Siteelectronic books on-line The Gnosis Archive - mirror - huge!!!

Web Siteelectronic books on-line The Gnostic Society Virtual Library - at the Societas Gnostica Norvegia website - contains much the same material as the Gnosis Archive, and is just as big

Web SiteMessage Board Ecclesia Pistis Sophia - an Esoteric Christian Kabbalistic approach to contemporary Gnosticism; Forum includes a lot of material.


Links to Links...

web pageannotated links Academic Info Gnosticism - An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources on Gnostic and Coptic Studies - excellent links page


And also...

Web Site The Pearl...a Christian Gnostic website - includes texts short essays, and several study courses

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