Gnosticism - introduction - A basic definition of Gnosticism - what it is, and how it differs from other esoteric teachings
Gnosis - a definition - Gnosis - Spiritual Knowledge - is central to Gnosticism. But as defined here, it is not always the same as the enlightenment of the East.
The Sources of Gnosticism - the historical roots of Gnosticism in other religious, mystical, and philosophical traditions
Gnosticism and Apocalyptic - he essential distinction between Gnosticism and Judaeo-Christian movements contemporary with it','Gnosticism and Apocalyptic
Gnosticism as Anti-Religion - Gnostic writers used the very same style of Rabbinic commentary to critique the Jewish Scriptures
Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, and Psychology - he baroque exuberance and mythological richness of Gnosticism stands in marked contrast to the clarity and simplicity of Neoplatonism
Cyclic, Historical, and Dramaturgic Time - How the Gnostic concept of time differs from both the cyclic and the historical positions
Simon Magus - the first of the great Gnostic teachers
The Sethian Gnostics - a brief overview of the stage sof development of the most important of the Gnostic tradutions - the so-called Sethians
The Valentinian Cosmology - concerning the Christian Gnostic Valentinus and the teachings of his school.
The Gnostic Dramaturgy - Creation and Redemption - An account of the Gnostic conception of the emanation of the Aeons, the creation of the Universe, and the struggle for the salvation of the Divine Spark
Manichaeism under construction
The Soul in Matter - The Manichaean myth of the descent of the Primordial Anthropos into Matter.
Sophia's Passion: Sant Mat and Gnosticism - essay by Neil Tessler showing some intriguing parallels between Classical Gnosticism and the Indian Sant Mat religion
Gnosticism Glossary Page - definitions of a number of important Gnostic terms
Gnosticism Links Page - Links to other Gnostic sites and resources on the Web
Gnosticism Books Page - A by no means definitive selection of Gnostic books - buy them at Amazon com or just read the reviews

New Millenium Poster Child - an irrelevant comment on heresy

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