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Stan Gooch

Stan Gooch

From Wikipedia link Wikipedia (page has been challenged on notability issues and may be taken down), slightly edited:

Stan Gooch (born in Lewisham, London, 1932) is a British psychologist and paranormal researcher who is probably best known as the proponent of the hybrid-origin theory.

Gooch's first book Total Man was an attempt to examine all fields of interest relevant to man today. On the back cover of the American print of Total Man Stan Gooch states:

"Essentially, the view I have taken of other 'theories of personality', such as those of Marx, Christianity, Freud, Pavlov, Nietzsche and many others, is not that all, or all but one, are wrong, but on the contrary that all are correct. I was, and am still, unable to escape the implications of the fact that each of the theorists in question was, after all, concerned with one and the same human being. Instead of rejecting all such views, I found myself essentially rejecting none. This shift of emphasis is, I believe, crucial. The task is changed from one of selection to one of assembly."

In various chapters of Total Man Gooch outlined what would become the basis of his theories when he showed that phenomena can be divided into two columns, which he titled System A and System B. These could be roughly equated to Freud's Ego and Id, and in some ways Carl Jung's Male and Female principles.

It is in Total Man that Stan Gooch first gave an outline of what become known as the Hybrid-Origin theory, as well as speculations on the structure and development of the nervous system, the nature of consciousness and Psychology, all of which are expanded upon in the next two books of his trilogy, Personality and Evolution and The Neanderthal Question. In his book Right Hand, Left Hand: The Origins of Asymmetry in Brains, Bodies, Atoms and Cultures Chris McManus, a psychologist at University College London, has described Stan Gooch's ideas about the origins of left-handedness as "myths" and stated that they lack any supporting evidence, although this conclusion was based on one paragraph of Gooch's work.[1] Colin Wilson has said Gooch's work forms "one of the most impressive and exciting intellectual structures of the second half of the twentieth century."[2]


Four Years On co-authored with M.L. Kellmer-Pringle (1970)
Total Man: An Evolutionary Theory of Personality (1972)
Personality and Evolution: The Biology of the Divided Self (1973)
The Neanderthal Question (1977)
The Paranormal (1978)
Alternative Persons: Entities of Science-fiction and Myth (1979)
Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom (1980), re-published as Link to Amazon com The Dream culture of the Neanderthals (2006)
The Double Helix of the Mind: The Secrets of Mental Evolution and Advance (1980)
The Secret Life of Humans (1981)
Science-Fiction as Religion co-authored with Christopher Evans (1981)
Creatures from Inner Space (1984), Re-published as Link to Amazon com The Origins of Psychic Phenomena: Poltergeists, Incubi, Succubi, and the Unconscious Mind (2007)
The Child With Asthma co-authored with Rosemary Dinnage (1986)
Link to Amazon com Cities of Dreams: When Women Ruled the Earth (1989)
Link to Amazon com The Neanderthal Legacy: Reawakening Our Genetic and Cultural Origins (2008)


[1] Chris McManus (2004). Right Hand, Left Hand: The Origins of Asymmetry in Brains, Bodies, Atoms and Cultures. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. pp. 295. ISBN 0-674-01613-0.
[2] Colin Wilson. The achievements of Stan Gooch.

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