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The Hermetic Fellowship Hermetic Fellowship Website - dedicated to serving as a general resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition.  Essays on various subjects and rituals; also links etc.  Specific resource for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship in Portland, Oregon.

Web Site Dragon Rouge - Swedish hermetic-occult site

Web Site The Western Esoteric Magical and Cabalistic Pages - "This site is dedicated to scholars and practitioners of esotericism of all types, especially those surrounding the Jewish mystical practice of Cabala. I have provided resources for both parties, and hope that you find the links and personal works as diverse, relevant and important as I do." by Brian Privik.

Web Siteon-line textsAdobe pdf documents Norton's Imperium -- Enochian Magick Papers & Links - Excellent information rich site - an incredible amount of material in both html and pdf format on Enochian Magick, classical magick texts, and the complete works of Frater Achad.

Web Sitelinks The Templum Kabbalah Course and Magicians Kabbalah Book - dedicated to the study of Alchemy, Initiation, Kabbalah, Magick, Mysticism, Tarot, Thelema, Wicca and Witchcraft. Hosts a number of useful and original resources, including a freely downloadable book of fourteen chapters on the Magicians Kabbalah, complete with exercises and rituals, and a lot of material for both beginners and serious students.

Web Sitelinks Hermetic Resource Site - as well as some on-site (mosty) Golden Dawn essays, includes a huge list of links to quality Hermetic material (Golden Dawn, OTO, pagan,classical, and other Western esoteric) on-line

Web Site Occult Advances: Advances about the Alchemical Great Work, the Aura, the Tree of Life, the Temple rebuilding in Jerusalem and the Shekinah, the rotation of Elements, the awakening of Kundalini, Yoga & Alchemy, the antediluvian worldwide language of Atlantis ...

web page Timeline of Esoterica - a list of dates pertaining to important figures in the Western Hermetic tradition

Web Site Hermetic Yoga

Wiki link Source Forge - esotericist wiki - mostly hermetic occultism

Wikipedia link Hermeticism - wikipedia page - not much when i last looked

Web Site High Magic: The Hermetic Kabbalah by Suba - essays on various aspects of Kabbalah and the Western Magical path

Original artwork Michaël BELLON - Les Arcanes Majeurs du Tarot - a very evocative set of illustrations.

MichaŽl BELLON is a French self-educated artist-painter. His style is called Le Symbolisme Perspectiviste. This work is the first in the collection of Les Arcanes Majeurs du Tarot. It has been reserved for cultural exposure, rather than sale, since 1981. Other sites and links to his work can be accessed from the welcome page.

The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic Thought The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic Thought - by Daniel R. McBride

"My thesis on the Egyptian Gnostics is posted here in its entirety. I felt it important to make it available before I find an eventual publisher for those interested in a perspective upon the origins of Gnostic thought, one only marginally indebted to the current Christian Origins appropriation of the field. This thesis firmly grounds the rise of Gnosis in ancient emanationist theologies, preeminently Egyptian and, furthermore, presents a socio-historic perspective for the rise of Gnostic thought in Alexandria. Presented here, as well, are a number of original Gnostic tractates, translated by the author."


Hermetica - Western Esotericism

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