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Web Site I Ching Bookmarks - includes heaps and heaps of links

web pageincludes links The I Ching on the Net - an excellent list of resources

Web Site Casting I Ching Hexagrams by Remo Dentato - a very informative site in that it includes different methods, discussion on probbaility, and more

Wikipedia Book of Changes - Wikipedia page, with general information, overview of trigrams and hexagrams, refernces, and links

web page I Ching Online provides free online reading, historical information, links from all 64 hexagrams to their readings for study, plus an active discussion forum about the I Ching and the I Ching Online site.

Richard Wilhelm. At the time of writing there is no home page about the man who gave us the first decent I Ching translation to a European language. See however web page School of Wisdom web site on Richard Wilhelm and web page Richard Wilhelm - the Marco Polo of the Inner World of China, and the very short (at the time of writing) Wikipedia page Wikipedia page on him

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