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Lurianic Kabbalah today - the school of Rabbi Ashlag

Nowadays, a branch of internal link Lurianic Kabbalah survives in the material put out by The Research Centre for Kabbalah in Jerusalem and New York, which publishes a number of works by external link Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (1886­1955), the founder of the Centre, and his followers.  These books are so dense  ans to be almost incomprehensible to the average reader.  The teachings are based on the Hayyim Vital tradition of Lurianic Kabbalah.  No practical meditative or spiritual techniques analogous to Yogic, Buddhist, Taoist, or Sufi practices are included.  These books are available in most esoteric bookshops.

The Kabbalist Rabbi Michael Laitman, a student and personal assistant of Rabbi Ashlag's son, external link Rabbi Baruch Ashlag (1906-1991). established the external link "Bnei Baruch" , which provides on-line Ashlagian/Lurianic textual material, including a detailed external link on-line Lessons, . These are based  on the book "The Introduction to the Wisdom of the Kabbalah" by Rabbi Y.Ashlag.


Bnei-Baruch Kabbalah Home Page - The Wisdom of Kabbalah - follows the Ashlagian tradition, based on the internal link Zohar, the Lurian/Hayyim Vital corpus, and the teachings of Rabbi Ashlag.  (They even have authentic Kabbalistic music composed by Rabbi Ashlag)  This is a multi-lingual site.  There is a large amount of on-line text which would have to be printed oput for study (try reading pages of heavy material off  a computer monitor), and some really fascinating (if complex) external linkon-line lessons which present Lurianic teachings with the aid of diagrams.  It would probably be advisable to brush up on some Gershom Scholem to get some readable introduction to this material.  Also have a look at the external link on-line FAQs.

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