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the World of Atzilut

olam ha-atzilut


Atzilut, the "World of Emanation" or "Nearness (to the Godhead)", also called the Image and the Heavenly man (Adam Kadmon), is the Divine Reality; the Sefirot or attributes of the Godhead.  They are the direct emanation from the En Sof, and hence most intimately connected to the absolute Deity, perfect and immutable.  It is here that there is the conjunction of the King and Queen (Tifaret and Malkut, representing the male and female polarities of the Godhead), from which is produced the successive worlds [C.D.Ginsburg, S.A.Cook, "Kabbalah", Encyclopeadia Britannica, 11th ed. 1911, vol xv, pp.620-1]. 

The Sefirot are arranged in three pillars, the Pillar of Mercy (Hesed) on the left, the Pillar of Judgment or Severity (Gevurah) on the right, and the Pillar of Balance or Compassion or Beauty (Tifaret) in the middle; which together constitute the Divine supervision of the lower worlds.


Kabbalistic Associations

Sefirah: Hokmah
Soul Principle Hayyah and Yehidah
Divine hierarchy: Sefirot and Partzufim
Letter of the Tetragrammaton: Yod

Non-Kabbalistic Associations

suggested quaternal type: aa (mature yang)

Kabbalistic Paradigm
standardised Universes 

all the following planes

Atzilut as the Divine reality
Atzilut as the intermediate Divine reality
e.g. Zohar
 Hermetic occultsim
Lurianic Kabbalah in part
(Tzimtzum cosmology)
 Higher Noetic
Lower Noetic

internal link Atzilut in Lurianic Kabbalah

web page Atzilut - at -  a very short description - interprets Atzilut  as Divine Intuition and Unity with the Godhead
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