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There is an enormous amount of superb material on the Kabbalah on-line.
Here are just a few sites, arranged according to topic

Orthodox Judaic (Traditional Kabbalah)
Heterodox Judaic (Sabbatean)
Across the Board
Artwork, Models, diagrams, Visual aids
Science and Metaphysics
Philosophy and Semiotics
Psychology and Psychosynthesis

Orthodox Judaic (Traditional Kabbalah)

Web Siteon-line documentmusic Bnei Baruch World Center For Kabbalah Studies. On-line lessons on the Lurianic Kabbalah, by the students of the early 20th century Lurianic teacher Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag.  You'll find abundant information on every aspect of this tradition of Kabbalah. Even has special music.  A very large site, there is heaps of material here, all presented with quite a religious slant though. Even so, this is perhaps the best Orthodox Kabbalah site around
Some very interesting and detailed metaphysical material here - Ten Kabbalah Lessons - Part II
Note - some of this material is so obscure it is impossible to understand!!!!  I would recommend perusing their external link Beginner's Guide to Kabbalah before going on to some of the harder stuff.

Web Siteon-line document Journal des Etudes de la Cabale / Journal of Kabbalah Studies - in French

web pages Kabbalah - excellent introduction and overview, although mainly from the Lurianic and contemporary Jewish Renewal perspective

Occultopaediaweb pagebibliography Kabbalah - Occultopedia entry - short but decent basic overview, includes a good bibliography for further reading.

Kabbalah and Self-Mastery Kabbalah, Mysticism, and Self-Mastery, with Laibl Wolf, Chabad Hassidic teacher and author of Practical Kabbalah. Even the preview alone is an excellent introduction to orthodox Kabbalah.

Web Site Kabbalah On-Line web site by Rabbi Yossi Markel

Web Siteaudio Online Tanya lessons. - written Hebrew / English Tanya text with audio clips of Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasniaski's elaboration on the subject (English). One can listen and download the entire lesson (English) as audio clip.

Web Site True Kabbalah - Free Kabbalah seminars, online lessons, and discussion groups in the Chabad Chassidus tradition.

Web Site The Kabbalah Centre - Study of Kabbalah, Books, Tapes, Online Kabbalah Classes

Web Site What is kabbalah? - a new site that presents kabbalistic knowledge into contemporary language

adobe acrobat document Theogensis - Kabbalah - a short, easy to understand contemporary, introduction on the Lurianic cosmology; also incorporates the involution/evolution principle

Web Site Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism dedicated to Jewish Pseudepigrapha and Merkabah tradition. The interdisciplinary seminar on the Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism is designed as an internet version of an ongoing research seminar of the graduate students and scholars at the department of theology of Marquette University (Milwaukee, USA). The site explores the influence of Jewish Pseudepigrapha and Merkabah mysticism on eastern othodox authors.

Web Sitegraphics Lone Star Kabbalah by Dr. C. Benton. An overview of all the main Kabbalaistic themes.  Follows the Lurianic paradigm.  Yes, you guessed it, this site comes from deep in the heart of Texas  ;-)

graphics The Kabbalah Society - Toledano Tradition - home page of external linkZ'ev ben Shimon Halevi, the author of a  number of popular books on Kabbalah.  Halevi is seeking to restore an early Sefardic/Spanish/Toledano Kabbalistic tradition.  Toledo in Spain was a great cultural and spiritual centre of the time.

Kabbalah and Chassidut - "A Gateway to the Wisdom of Kabbalah and Chassidut offering a contemporary presentation of classical topics in Jewish Mystical Thought as taken from the teachings of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh" has some excellent easy to follow material on Judaic Kabbalah - particularily Cordovero, Luria and the Baal Shem Tov.  See especially the sections Introductions for Advanced Learners for concepts and Three Stages in the Evolution of Kabbalistic Thought for the historical development of these ideas.  Far more comprehensible then the Bnei Baruch page

Kabala Srbija Kabbalah Serbia - A new Site about Kabbalah in Serbian

The Open Kabbalah ForumThe Open Kabbalah Forum - An ecumenical forum for open discussion of kabbalah and other forms of hebrew mysticism...

you can also access it more quickly from here

"a new forum, most importantly one that is more open than the other kabbalah forums (use and registration are both free and optional; any visitor may read and post.) and one that is dedicated to ecumenical and respectful (the posters towards each other) discussion.

(admittedly, i am most interested in the hebrew and more orthodox insights into the subject, however i think to me it's quite obvious that at the core of kabbalah is a never-ending interpretation, even by anyone- a midrash that is balanced and filtered by the traditional. however, anyone with a beginning or advanced interest in what they deem "kabbalah" is welcome.)"

Heterodox Judaic (Sabbatean)

Donmeh west: the Syncretic Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah of Reb Yakov Leib HaKohain - continuation of the tradition of Sabbatai Zevi and his successors, incorporating comparative religion (particularly Vedanta) and Jungian spirituality, according to the teachings of Reb Yakov Leib HaKohain.


on-line documentsimage fileslinks Colin's Hermetic Kabbalah Page - the definitive on-line Hermetic resource.  includes a number of fascinating on-line documents by Bill Heidrick and others.  These are worth printing out for study.  Also an amazing external linkLinks page

web pagesimage files The Tree of Life - an interactive image map - excellent

Web Siteon-line documentsonline booklinks The Templum Kabbalah - Hosts a number of useful and original resources, including a freely downloadable book of fourteen chapters on the Magicians Kabbalah, complete with exercises and rituals; the Order of Everlasting Day (OED) One-Year Kabbalah Course, which teaches the basic framework of Kabbalistic concepts applied to the Western Mystery Tradition, and the OED's on-line journal, Aletheia; and a lot of material for both beginners and serious students.

web page Quabbalah - The Tree of Life - by Karen Chapdelaine.  From a 1994 alt.magick newsgroup posting, this article gives a good very basic intro.  Unfortunately the ascii diagram did not come out very well

Web Site Leaves from Liber Legis: The Cabalistic Writings of Frater Sinn and contains personal communications about the Tree of Life (from a Thelemic point-of-view) and Tarot (Thoth Tarot Deck). It is both in English and in Portuguese.

Web Site My Qabalah - interactive image map, follows basically the Golden Dawn /Hermetic/Dion Fortune/ tradition(s) - gives a good list of correspondences for and description of each Sefirah

"I hope to show the relationship of the Qabalah with all the major Religious beliefs and practices.  From this I hope we can all understand each others point of view more easily and see just how similar and connected we really are."

Web Siteimage files Qabalah Revealed - another good interactive image map of the Tree of Life, together with a personal (but quite valid) interpretation of each Sefirah.

Across the Board

The Gateway to Qabalah

The Gateway to Qabalah - a very useful site, which provides an excellent launch point to both the Judaic/Zoharic/Lurianic/Hassidic and the Hermetic/Occult traditions of Kabbalah.  Organised by Doug Evans

Wikipedia page Kabbalah - Wikipedia page

Web SiteimagesThe Kabbalah Page - by Glyn Williams - excellent general introduction to Kabbalah - deals with a wide range of pertinent topics

FAQs Kabbalah FAQs - prepared for the Usenet/Internet newsgroup "alt.magick" by Colin Low.   An excellent introduction to Kabbalah.  Primarily hermetic/magickal, but there is also large amount of Judaic and some Renaissance Christian material as well.  Highly recommended.

web pageannoitated links page The Cabala - great links page - includes both Hermetic and Traditional Kabbalah sites - part of Brian Pivik's external link The Western Esoteric Magical and Cabalistic Pages.

mail list Exclusively Kabbalah - a Yahoo! Group with the express aim of discussing Kabbalah in all of it's forms (Traditional, Hermetic and anything else)

Yahoo Kabbalah links - a good list; some overlaps with Colin's page.

Web Site Kabbalah Now - a good personal introduction - covers the whole field; mainly Judaic/traditional but with some hermetic/magickal.  Organised by external linkOvid Jacob (from whose page I borrowed a few scanned image files for this site) .

on-line document An Introduction to The Study of The Kabalah by William Wynn Westcott.  Wescott was on of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

web page What is Qabbala? - general introduction to and comments on the meaning of Kabbalah

web pageannoitated links page The Kabbalah - annoitated list of links - good accross the board coverage - similiar to the present page (but with a number of pages not listed here) even some links back here

Artwork, Models, Visual aids

Symbala Symbala offers a unique collection of visual impressions and teaching aids related to the Tree of Life. The artist approaches the subject from a visual appreciation and explores 3 dimensional modeling, geometry and visionary arts. You will also find a shockwave flash interactive Tree and movies. The Kabbalah Poster and Alchemical Star Print are just a few of the published works on view and available for purchase

Web Site Visual Kabbalah - art and Judaism's Zoharic esoteric teachings come together.
"Kabbalah and art, a gallery of beautifully crafted screen-prints, dedicated to mystical concepts. Fully narrated and explained, this collection is both artistically and intellectually stimulating."

web page Kabbalah jewelry - David Weitzman unique Kabbalah jewelry collection.

Science, Mathematics, and Metaphysics

The Meru Foundation The Meru Foundation - presents one of those amazing paradigms which link up all kinds of disparate themes, scientific, religious, metaphysical...  I quote

"The Meru Project is based on 25 years of research by Stan Tenen into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet, and the mathematical structure underlying the sequence of letters of the Hebrew text of Genesis. The Project is sponsored by the Meru Foundation, a private nonprofit research and educational corporation founded in 1983."

Although not specifically Kabbalistic as such, the use of Hebrew Letters as keys to the structure of reality is a very kabbalistic idea.

Web SiteJavaanimated graphicsphotosmusiclinks, links, links Pi the Movie - a film about mathematics, Kabbalah, and the relationship between numbers and reality.   This is a really nicely presented side.  A lot of thought-provoking ideas here Buy the DVD!

on-line document Kabbalistic Cosmology and its parallels in the Big-Bang of Modern Physicsby Adam McLean - I remember reading this article in Adam McLean's excellent little magazine The Hermetic Journal (now available external linkon CD-ROM),  and it made a huge impression on me.  Mainly because this paper approached the physics-mysticism synthesis not from the conventional standard New Age /New Paradigm "Tao of Physics" slant used so successfully by Frithjof Capra in his famous book of the same name, but from the rather more difficult, but also more fascinating, perspective of Lurianic Dramaturgy.  The physics is a little dated (Alan Guth's Big Bang Inflation theory that was an exciting new development when the article was written has long since been superceded by more sophisticated developments) but the basics principles remain valid.

web page Kabbalah and the Tree of Life - some observations which relate to two different versions of the tree, here called the A and H shaped trees.

Web Site Project Mind Foundation

"Essence-theory behind Project Mind, derived from Lurianic/Ashlagian Kabbalah, is itself a philosophical breakthrough and makes possible the first concrete proposal for reconciling outer and inner paradigms ("science and spirit") in a balanced, high-energy synthesis that preserves the essentials of both."

Philosophy and Semiotics

web pagegraphics Andries' page - Peirce and the cabbala - an interesting page that looks at connections between the ideas of the American philosopher Charles Peirce - founder of the modern science of signs (semiotics) - and the Kabbalah.  Some nice images of the Kabbalistic Tree on this site as well.

Psychology and Psychosynthesis

Web Site Psychosynthesis and Kabbalah - the Will Parfitt Website - Personal and spiritual development with the Kabbalah and its application through Psychosynthesis. Plus distance education, group courses, books, and articles to download. (this may also go under the following section)

Modern / Practical / Applied

Web Siteon-line documentgraphicsmusic Kabbalah Home Page by Rev. Kythera Ann.- not much on Kabbalah here, despite the title, but go to external link Kabbalah Course Description for information on a course in practical Kabbalah and some interesting and worthwhile essays.  From a Christian perspective but non-sectarian

Web Site Ayrkain.com - a Kabbalistic initiative to achieve Achdus, a mental, emotional and spiritual unity based in a group collective mind called Adam Kadmon

KABALA.ORG logo Kabala.org - Kabala Words of Wisdom - Offering tools for self-improvement through Kabala Words of Wisdom. An annual subscription to daily message comprised of Kabala Words of Wisdom via issues as follows:

Between a person and him/her self.
Between a person and his/her family.
Between a person and his/her work place.
Between a person and his/her society.

Web Site SoulSongs - The Center of Kabballah Wisdom - Shulamit, the director of The Center for Sound Healing, uses sacred Vocal Tones (Hebrew vowel sounds) to heal.and to access higher states of consciousness

Web Site Kabbalah of Success - Robert Apatow - combines Hassidic Kabbalistic wisdom with the most important contemporary breakthroughs in the science of personal growth.

web pagegraphics The Tree-of-Life School of Kabbalistic Healing - Joseph-Mark Cohen - offers one year study program in the practical application of kabbalah.  Expensive.  Combines Kabbalah with other esoteric and New Age themes, certainly not representative of traditional Kabbalah.  Still, some nice image files on this page.

Web Site Rootlight - The Divine Spiritual Wisdom - combines Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga for self healing and psychic development.

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