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Kashmir Shaivite and Lurianic  Parallels

The Lurianic polarities of Will to Give and Will to Receive and/or Hesed and Gevurah, correspond both to the Chinese Yang and Yin and also to the Tantric Shiva and Shakti.  This is not surprising, in view of the fact that many cosmologies begin with an undifferentiated unity that is then polarised into opposites (heaven & earth,etc) which then combine to make (or give birth to) all things.  Many creation myths have the separation of heaven and earth as a  catastrophic sort of affair - there are obvious parallelshere with the Kabbalistic idea of the exile of Shekinah (Malkhut) from "God" (Tifaret/Ze'er Anpin).  At one time I was studying deeply Lurianic symbolism and Kashmir Shaivism, and I was astonished by the many parallels in even minute detail regarding the parallel between shakti/vimarsha as the principle of contraction (which ultimately becomes prakriti - mind & matter) & Din/Severity which likewise generates the initial contraction and isolation within the Godhead (the "Fall" so to speak) that is necessary for Creation to come about.  Likewise, the indifferentiated Tantric Prakasha/Shiva principle, whose essence is Light and non-dual consciousness, can be plausably compared with the Will to Give (Mercy/Hesed) as the original Light of the En Sof.

Lurianic Kabbalah

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