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Rabbi Isaac Luria - the Ari

 "Isaac Luria . . . was said by his disciples to have read people's
secret sins from their faces and to have prescribed their tiqqun
accordingly." -- Prof. Gershom Scholem

Rabbi Issac Luria (1534­1572), called the Ari or "Lion", an acronym of his title and name, was quite possibly the most profound metaphysical thinker to come out of esoteric Judaism.  The central figure of post­expulsion Kabbalah, his teachings revolutionised the entire Kabbalistic tradition.

Unfortunately, Luria himself never wrote anything down, and for his teachings we have to rely on the conflicting and unreliable accounts preserved by his disciples and their successors, the most important of which was Rabbi Hayyim Vital (1542­1620), a prolific writer.  Even now very little of the voluminous Lurianic material is available in English.

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