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The divine Name




Some etymological comments on the meaning of the Divine name YHVH

Interesting to note, YHVH is listed as the Piel fut. 3 pers masc sing. form of the verb HVH (to be, to exist), and hence, has the meaning "I will become." In Hebrew, when you put the Yod in front of a verb root, it generally makes it future tense. In old Egyptian heiroglyphics, when you put YH in front of a verb root, it makes it future tense. The old Hebrews had extensive contact with and interaction with the old Egyptians.

YHVH, as the active principle of the AYN in the Lower Worlds, is differentiated as both male and female.  Underscores the unfortunate paternalistic bias that has been given to both YHVH and ALLAH. In the SeferYetzirah, Tifareth is called "Last," and its created pair Daath is called "First."

Daniel Feldman

Mystical Qababalah - Ideas and Practices by Daniel Feldman

[the fourth of the seven Hebrew verbal paradigms is piel or pu'al]


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