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The World of Yetzirah

olam ha-yetzirah


The World of Yetzirah, "World of Formation" contains ten sefirot which are still further removed from Deity, and thus of a less refined nature than those of the World of Beriah.  Yet they are still non-material.  This is the abode of the angels, who are wrapped in luminous garments.  The myriads of angels are divided into ten ranks, according to the ten sefirot, and each angel is set over a different part of the universe, and derives his name from the element or heavenly body he guards [C.D.Ginsburg, S.A.Cook, Kabbalah, p.621].

This region is interpreted in the Zohar as the world of the lower heavens, consisting of the seven plantery firmaments [Paul Krzok, "The Cosmological Structure of the Zohar", p.32 The Hermetic Journal, no.20, Summer 1983)].  The pseudepigraphical Massekhet Atzilut (early 14th Century), places the Archangel Metatron and the angels centred around him are sometimes placed in the world of Yetzirah rather than Beriahas later became the case [Scholem, Kabbalah, pp.118-9].

Kabbalistic Associations

Sefirah: the six sefirah from Hesed to Yesod
Soul Principle Ruah
Divine hierarchy: Angels (Maggidim)
Letter of the Tetragrammaton: Vau

Non-Kabbalistic Associations

suggested quaternal type: ba (young yang)

Kabbalistic Paradigm
standardised Universes 
"Yetzirah" as heavenly sphres
Yetzirah as spiritual reality
Yetzirah as psychic or astral reality
Yetzirah as etheric or emotional reality
Zohar in part
e.g. Lurianic Kabbalah in part; e.g. Hayyim Vital
e.g. some Hermetic occultsim
e.g. external
Lower Noeric


internal linkYetzirah in Lurianic Kabbalah

web pageYetzirah - at -  a very short description - interprets Yetzirah as the etheric or the emotional reality

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