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Definition of Tikkun

Yakov Leib HaKohain

Simeon [the son of Rabbi Gamaliel] said: "All my life I have been brought up among the Sages, and I have found nothing better for a person than silence; study is not the most important thing, but doing [what it is you study]." 
-- Pirke Avoth 1:17

What does this mean? It means -- to paraphrase what Rabbi Gamaliel's most famous student, Saul of Tarsus, said -- that knowledge without works is meaningless. In this respect, "Tikkunim" are to Kabbalah what engineering is to physics: through their application the Laws of Kabbalah are constellated in action.

But what, in practical terms, is a "tikkun?" A tikkun is one of at least two things:

  1. The "raising" of a Holy Spark back to its source, and
  2. the reconcilliation of two seeming opposites, either in ourselves or in the world.
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