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The Lurianic Theory of Creation and Redemption

Lurianic diagram of the emanation of worlds

The Lurianic and Sabbatian Kabbalah teach about a very dynamic and controversial (even dialectical in almost Schellingian sense of this word) process of self explication and self construction of the Absolute (as well as His liberation from even the shadow of the roots of evil) which as the process of tikkun (Restoration, or Universal Correction) unfolds the unlimited richness of His contents in the system of Personalities, or Hypostases (Partzufim). Therefore, the World of Restoration ('Olam Tikkun) is not equal (but is not different as well) to the world of 'Or En-Sof (Ultimateless Light, or Absolute) of the beginning. Tikkun 'Olam is of the same nature as 'Or En-Sof but it is not simplicity and potentiality but concrete unity of differences and actuality.  And the process of Tikkun is called "the repairing of the God's Face" because it corrects the existential break, or gap in the Absolute Being as such which is also a moment in His unfolding.

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Concepts of Tikkun Today

Tikkun in contemporary Jewish culture seems to be less concerned with the cosmic-occult dimension of Lurianism, and more with a social, political, and literary perspective:

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Book Tikkun Olam : Social Responsibility in Jewish Thought and Law by David Shatz (Editor), Chaim I. Waxman (Editor), Nathan J. Diament (Editor) - This work is an in depth look at the sources of Jewish political activism. While Jews, particulalrly in America, are often driven and at the forefront of political and social reform, many of them would be hard pressed to explain what is the source of their commitment to this enterprise. Tikkun Olam is meant to answer much of this question. Leading scholars examine this topic in general as well as what classic Jewish sources have to say about more discrete current issues such as welfare reform and health care policy

Book Heal, Repair and Transform the World : An Anthology by Michael Lerner (Editor)

Book To Learn Is to Do : A Tikkun Olam Roadmap by Sharon D. Halper, Ann D. Koffsky (Illustrator)

Book Tales of Tikkun : New Jewish Stories to Heal the Wounded World by Phyllis Ocean Berman, Arthur Ocean Waskow, Arthur Ocean Waskon (Contributor)


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