Meher Baba and the Ant

"Sometimes Baba surprised us by saying something unimaginable. One day He was sitting with a group around Him, when a black ant crawled onto His hand and then onto the sleeve of His white sadra. 

Everyone sitting nearby noticed the ant, and Eruch got up to flick it off, but Baba stopped him. Pausing, He gestured, 'This ant will take human birth.' 

For me this was a time of seeing Baba as Creator, the One holding infinite power--not just to alter the length of a single human life, but to allow an ant to bypass millions of life forms and be born as a human. I was stunned."
                         Arnavaz Dadachanji, GIFT OF GOD, pp. 168-169 

"Arnavaz's story of the ant reminds me of the story Dr. Kenmore told of how Baba used the ant to illustrate what Infinite Consciousness really means. One day Baba asked what infinite consciousness meant and to illustrate what it really means, He pointed at an ant and said something like, 'Do you all see that ant?  Not that one over there, or that one over there, but that one?  Infinite consciousness means knowing what that particular ant will be doing a precise moment as a human being millions 
of years from now.'" 

contributed by Gary Nedzweck to the Avatar Meher Baba Listserv

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page uploaded 18 October 1998
modified 30 June 1999