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Iamblichus of Chalcis (d. c.326) was the pupil of Porphyry, and after Plotinus the most important figure in Neoplatonism.  He ushered in a totally new phase of Neoplatonism, changing it from a system of philosophy to one of theology and occultism.


Emanation and Triads

hierarchy of beings

The Unparticipated-Participated-Participant Triad

Iamblichus' Successors

links Iamblichus Links

web page Iamblichus - listing in the Internet Encyclopdia of Philosophy  (scroll down - under "Jamblichus and Others")

web page Iamblichus - a short summary of life & teachings by Marda Kaiser, from the Ecole Initaive

printed reference The following books by Iamblichus are available from Phanes Press (but not on-line)

The following book is reviewed
on-line essay John Dillon and Jackson Hershbell (edd. and trr.), Iamblichus: On the Pythagorean Way of
Life. Text, Translation, and Notes


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