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infoplease entry Neoplatonism - a good intro to Neoplatonism, it's development and history and impact on later thought

Funk and Wagnals Neoplatonism- on-line entry - short introduction - covers basic ideas and its later influence - here is a copy of the same article

web page Neoplatonism - listing in the Internet Encyclopdia of Philosophy - a short but adequate summary of Neoplatonism and some of its main figures.

web page Neo-Platonism - listing in the Catholic Enclyclopaedia - short but good overview of all the main figures

web page Neoplatonism - short listing in encyclopaedia com.

printed reference The Journal of Neoplatonic Studies

on-line essay The Alexandrian Tradition by I. M. Oderberg - a very informative article on the development of and nature of Neoplatonism.  Written from a theosophical perspective but non-dogmatic

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