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The Secret

by M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak M. Alan

Originally posted on Gaia com Mar 20th, 2007
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The other day I was watching Oprah (but only because my friend happened to have the TV on!  Yeah right heard that one before.  No it's true!  Shhhoorahhhh).  Ok, seriously.

Anyway this was the episode about the Secret, that notorious New Age video about positive thinking & creative visualisation (or as they call it, The Law of Attraction).

Anyway I'd previously heard about it and read the hatchet job on Wikipedia (which included some conspiracy theory stuff or something, but this was later removed) so i naturally had a jaundiced opinion.  Then when I was doing the Theta Healing course everyone was talking about it.  So I thought either (a) this just proves New Age bnaivity, or (b) there really is something in this after all.

A few days after i finished the Theta course, my friend had taped The Secret and said i should watch it, because I had told her my friends at the Theta Course had spoken highly of it.  So I thought ok, although I was feeling sick at the time because i was coming down with a  bad cold (because my subconscious was still full of fear about catching colds).

So i started watching it, and i'd never seen such boring repetitious shite.  I mean it isn't that they were saying anything that wasn't true, it's just that it went on...and on...and on...  about the saaaaame thing, as if they were addressing a retarding two year old.   And they never explained it.  All that happened is that the first person would say a sentence, then the next person would say the same sentence, or something very similar.  Or even a phrase, or a single word.  Worst of all was the soppy music which was supposed to be mystical or melodramatic or something.  Maybe because i was feeling sick at the time, but i considered it the most badly directed and produced thing i'd ever seen.  So I stopped watching it after about 10 minutes.  I would have edited the whole 90 minutes or whatever it was down to 10 or 15 minutes. 

And I thought yeah, typical.  New Age people, too much "feelings", not enough "thinking".  Unbalanced, so they need 90 minutes or 2 hours for what can be said in 10 minutes.

Fast forward to Oprah.

Maybe because it was the people involved actually talking avout stuff, not just all saying the same thing in 1 or 2 word soundbites, but i could really see they are decent people and one guy in particular i got a very nice vibe from (Michael Beckwith of the Agape center). 

Ok, sure the whole thing is simplistic, and highly egotistic.  Because it is about doing it yourself, rather than realising that you don't do anything (which is what I am learning from Theta, although I wonder how many who did the course got the message, and how many simply try tp be the healer a la The Secret.)

It is also all about being "the doer" (thorough creative visualisation and positive thinking).  Nothing wrong with that, but it is an inferior level of consciousness.  For me, spirituality and self-transformation is about letting go of the idea that "you are the doer"  (which for me is very hard).  And I thank Simon Rose and his Theta Magic course for this insight.  It is of course in keeping with Wu Wei (non-action) and Zen and the Art of Archery, and with mysticism everywhere.  The only difference is that the Theta technique, like The Secret and New Age magic in general, allows you to manifest things that your ego would like.  Now, I have already commented on my Integral Transformations blog that I consider this a good thing, as long as it is for the good of al l sentient beings.  This is because mysticism is tied up with a poverty conscioiusness, the idea that you need to live an ascetic life of denial to get close to God.  I have suggested that a new, more world-affirming, mysticism is emerging.

However even if positive thinking is still at the egoic level, it is still a valid, authentic occult/magical technique.  Even if it doesn't transform the subconscious the way that The Mother's yoga, or the Rainbow Bridge material, or my own current practice does.  But it is still useful, indeed necessary if one wants to benefit from life rather than hinder oneself.  And it is certainly part of the New Age tradition of "you create your own reality". 

But the spirituality involved also transcends the simplistic exoteric message of self-centered magic.  I did pick up on that from listening to the people on the Oprah show, and that's what made me change my opinion.  You can't get that from just the video alone.  The consciousness of The Secret video is actually very base.  But it's like using exoteric religion to reach an esoteric level.  The exoteric is selfish and egotistic, the esoteric is about transcending the self.

Critics of the Secret might be divided into two categories.  Either they are sceptical materialists that cannot handle occultism.  Or they are Integral theorists or some other intellectual New Age / New Paradigm movement who like to judge other systems or teachings.

The technique it mentions (which can be explained in 30 seconds) works, it is valid and real and one aspect of Magic.  For many people, soimething like this, not too complicated or frightening, is what they need to turn their lives around and get out of their rut; realise they have no-onbe to blame for their situation but themselves, and that they are not a slave to fate or karma, and so create a better reality.  Thus this video serves a purpose.  Also, the fact that it isn't addressed to cerebral and very intelligent people is also good; because it's the people with more heart development and less mental development - water rather than air as my astrologer friend would say, foir feeling rather than thinking if you're a Jungian, EQ rather than IQ, who really need to hear this message, because they are often the most vulnerable, having put themselves in negative situations with no-one to guide them.

However, I haven't seen the whole video, and i have been told there are some objectionable things in it.  From the well-written if perhaps over-cynical critique The Secret Behind The Secret  by Ingrid Hansen Smythe

"An example of this is amply demonstrated in The Secret DVD, in which a girl is shown laughing with glee at her pet - a cat, who has his head stuck in a small bag and is backing up and shaking his head in an attempt to get the thing off. The girl thinks this is hilarious, and her laughter is apparently generating good feelings which will bring more good things into her life - but what is the experience of the cat? It is one of distress, and it is this distress which the girl is using to generate her own positive feelings. "

Like I said, I haven't seen the video all through, or even a quarter of it, but if this really is part of it (which seems at variance with the vibe of the nice folks on the Oprah Show, but maybe it just goes to show how confused the whole thing is) it shows that this really is an example of the narcissistic and ugly underbelly of the New Age, and that it attracts negative lower astral entities, such as motivate their human puppets to acts of sadism.

I really need to watch the whole of the Secret to see if it really is something that empowers and also allows transcendence, or if it is something that limits the consciousness and encourages the basest forms of selfishness and insensitivity in that it allows cruely (such as in the above illustration) as a means to achieving the goal.

So imho The Secret is

o the current phase of American-based you create your own reality New Ageism
o pseudoscholarship and myth making (the usual lost of famous names all knew about "The Secret", even the title is melodramatic)
o explains (albeit in repetitous detail) one element of real occultism ("like attracts like")
o a technique by which people can genuinely improve and empower themselves,
o an example of an "exoteric" "spirituality"
o (maybe) a form of slavery to negative forces?

ok, so much for my own egotistic rambling!  :-)
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19 minutes later
Dave said

"The Law of Attraction" is true—as far as it goes.  The problem is that The Secret takes this one relatively small piece of the puzzle and makes it the entire puzzle.  A positive outlook will change your life and your intentions will co-create your reality, but so will brain chemistry, interior level of development, family relationships, natural disasters, cultural trends, language structure, environmental toxins, and, basically, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak
about 11 hours later
M. Alan said

"The problem is that The Secret takes this one relatively small piece of the puzzle and makes it the entire puzzle"

I couldn't agree more!  :-)

Mushin : We-full
about 23 hours later
Mushin said

a friend here in CZech is really pluging this video among her friends, saying that I definetly MUST see it. And so I guess I will.
Thanks Alan for this interesting critique of the first 10 minutes…

Having translated some 15 years ago a booklet called "Money is my Friend" I think I'm well aware of the principles involved. And so I've always stayed very far away from this simplistic "Law of Attraction" (6 Million Jews attracting their lethal stay in concentration camps? 2000 women and children attracting their rape and slaughter in Srebrenica? Half a million men, women, children attracting their murder in Rwanda? 300.000 Iraqi cilvilians attracting their sudden and/or tortured deaths these last 4 years?)

On the other hand:
Being the change one wants to see in the world, incorporating the divine, seeing the god/godess in the other's eyes, realizing and, yes, manifesting the emerging archetype o the between-us… this also is using the principles of attraction.

I would be much interested, Alan, t know more about your adaption and use of the process you describe as Theta (looked up the website and it doesn't appeal to me much; apart from taht it is not available her in Czech)

1 day later
Bob said

Yes, I have seen most of the Secret if it can be called that at all! It was far too simplistic, obvious, and repetative. But the basic assumption  is ofcourse correct  to a certain extent. I found out about it via the Radhasoami Studies yahoo group. David Lane had sent a link to the video. I wondered why he bothered.

I did recently come across a second hand copy of Money is My Friend which Mushin mentions in the above. I believe it looks at the subject from a Christian perspective though I may be wrong…with a large sprinking of positive thinking


arachNOID : theotic
2 days later
arachNOID said

Hey Alan,

When you have this high ideal of what you think your life should be, it just prevents you from living and being NOW.

Oversimplified, reductionist glimpses of esoteric knowledge always excite the masses. Take for instance celebrities interest in yoga and Buddhism during the late 90's, Madonna's practice of "Kabbalah" and The DaVinci Code's desecration of Gnosticism. But because these movements lack the depth of the original teachings, as well as the discipline, focus and study, the positive benefits are reciprocally reduced.

M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak
2 days later
M. Alan said

Arachnid: I fully agree with what you say, at the same time it is easy for us to feel superior and cynical of these New Age endeavours

For me Theta healing - or rather my highly modified version - is one more tool (and a very effective one) in my sadhana of personal and (in however much i can contribute to) global transformation


I certainly agree with the "too simplistic, obvious, and repetative" bit!  And like you I am bemused as to why a scolar of the calibre of David Lane would include a link to the video.


Yeah I had a brief look at the website and it was pretty bland.  You need to read the book to get the techniques, but even there it needs to be interepreted.  However even that may be a waste of time.  How these things work - at least for me - is that it is necessary to do a workshop in person.  You have to partake of thr group energy, and so be "initiated" by it.  In that way you connect with the thoughtform and the power of that technique.

re my take on Theta healing, I am inspired by the Mother in the Agenda, but also intuitively guided and compelled on my own, to use it primarily on transforming and clearing my own subconscious.  As The Mother points out, the old yogas avoided the subconscious because it was too hard to deal with, hence they rise up above.  But it is down below that the power lies!  First however it has to purified and the negativity removed or transformed.  (the dross of base metal alchemically transmuted into gold).
I don't often use "Theta healing" to heal others, mainly because I need to work on myself, perfect myself, before I can properly help others.  But doing it this way is just my path, others may have different paths.

I usually use the basic Theta healing technique I was taught (it is all in Vianna Stibal's book Theta Healing) but I generally replace her references to "the Creator" or "God" with my own reference frames for the Divine.  However I have also streamlined this method by scrapping things that obviously work for Vianna but which don't fit with my belief-system, such as having to go through the seven planes before doing a healing, and these planes are like this and this and this (personally I prefer the Aurobindonian / Theonist cosmology!).  Also I sometimes will do one form of it, another time another form, as well as using a mantra, depending on what feels intuitively right at the moment.   (and everyone will have their own preferred mantra or mantras, depending on what godhead their inner being is aligned with)

For me, the whole idea is to purify whatever arises in my consciousness or from my subconscious; to send it to be transformed in the highest Divine Light and Love.  It is also important to realise that you are not the "doer", but rather it is "the Divine" that accomplishes this.  In Theta Healing you don't do the healing, but simply "witness" "God"  or "The Creator" doing the healing (however the witnessing is still necessary, a la the quantum physics interpretation that it is observation that collapses the wave function).  Note how different this is to the simple afformation technique in the melodramatically name "The Secret" where oneself is the doer.  Actually this is what I have the most difficulty with at the moment, because of my ego attachment and subconscious resistance against letting go of the sense of being a doer. 
Because I am still at such a beginner stage, at the moment I don't feel comfortable in presenting a formula of this is how it is done, or this is what I do.  I always try to keep it spontaneous.  That's what I don't like about Theta Healing or any other system, it becomes a frozen dogma.  Because this works for one person (i.e. whoever originated the teaching in quesrtion), it is assumed that it has to work for everyone else.  And for me my own pratice is still maturing and developing.  This is why I haven't been saying much about it.  Eventually I'll probably be able to explain and teach this method, once it has stabilised in my own consciousness and practice, and when I can see that it is technique that works.   

Mushin : We-full
2 days later
Mushin said

Thank you Alan for the answer… it gives me a little understanding; I just might read the book.

I was at an Esoteric Fair here in Prague last weekend (you find some pictures here; and I guess in some future time what has come from it will find its way to my blog here) and talked a lot with Jorge Ferrer whom I brought to the fair by suggesting him as keynote speaker. He has an interesting take on sublimation and intgration which might be of import here.
He said, and I think it is true, that in sublimation we are not really integrating things as we use an energy from a 'lower' level to 'feed' a higher level - like fo instance when we sublimate the sex-drive-energy to 'feed' the love energy from the heart.
Integration would mean on the other hand to allow both energies to transform each other.

If I understand you rightly then in Theta healing (or your use of it) is more a kind of sublimation - refining or cleaning, purifying (making sublime) what arises in your consciousness?
In Ferrer's 'embodied spirituality' which I feel is very much in sync with what I'm developing as 'relational spirituality' I would come from the premise that  any kind of 'unpure' phenomenon is allowed into consciousness as unpure as it is; and the very fact of allowing it does - sometimes, often - lead to its transformation… as it also transforms the 'witnessing consciousness'.
My take on the witness a la quantum physics (collapsing the wave function) is that when the wave function collapses so does the witness - so whatever is happening there is a relational happening in which all participants are included.

You might have seen the video on an important part of my work with people (and an explanation) - this is the main source of my 'relational philosophy' as no matter on what level it might be placed upon it shows very much, that there is no such 'thing' as a pure witness…

M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak
3 days later
M. Alan said

hi Mushin

If you read the Theta Healing book - or even just glance through it while briwsing in an esoteric bookshop or library, let me know what you think, I'd be most interested to hear your opinion!  (But you don't have to go out of your way on my account)  My feelings at present is that the book without the course won't give you much, because the course - at least for me - serves as an "initiation" by which I could unlock the techniques of the book.  (I think this is the same with everything, a lot of the New Age seems to work like this, and maybe spirituality in general!).  otoh you could pick up things, especially in the light of my comments, so you may find reading or glancing through it useful regardless.  

Yes Jorge Ferrer seems like a very interesting guy!  I really enjoyed and got a lot out of his book Revisioning Transpersonal Psychology, and also his essay on Inegral World on Embodied Spirituality.  However there are still some things I disagree with him on; e.g. in his Embodied Spirituality essay he does not seem to understand Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's approach to this, despite the fact that Integral Yoga and the divinisation of matter is embodied spirituality par excellence.  He seems instead stuck in ideas of Tantra etc.  However I may be misrepresenting him. 

re my technique - yes, it is about clearing away or purifying what arises in consciousness.  But for me this is not sublimation in the psychological sense.  It is rather about directly dissolving the negative impulses (which are obsessional and come from the lower subconscious) in the higher Light.  So what arises instead of depression or anxiety might be joy.  It's not at all like the psychological mechanism of sublimating the sexual drive to romanticism (which can only be superficial, it wouldn't be a true romanticism). 

But really I need more experience and practice before I can speak authoritatively.  At presnet the alchemical metaphor makes the most sense.  By the way, if you look up "rainbow bridge" you will find that this is pretty much exactly the same thing, but from an Alice Bailey perspective.

Much as I admire his scholarship and insights, I find Jorge stull be limited to an academic and postmodernist perspective.  Although greatly respectful of spiritual experiences, according to his book he has not himself attained eperiences of enlightenment etc.  So the insights are still rational-mental, albeit very useful even so.  But to appreciate the work of self-transfpormation one has to go beyond theory to practice, this is the same with everything.  Especially in the Wilber movement - for example in my discussions with people on Open Integral - I find the whole thing heavily biased to theory.  I seem to be the only person there who talks about the importance of practice.  I see this as a major flaw in the current Integral Movement.  

You said

My take on the witness a la quantum physics (collapsing the wave function) is that when the wave function collapses so does the witness - so whatever is happening there is a relational happening in which all participants are included.

This really makes a lot of sense to me!  Yes, I think this applies to my own application of Theta technique, perhaps to "traditional" Theta healing as well.

Mushin : We-full
3 days later
Mushin said

hi Alan,

re: Jorge… he seems to practise what he theorizes about, I did participate in a one day workshop here in Prague, and it was very beautiful and helpful to me. The exercises definetly were geared to connect embodied and transcendent aspects of our soul (or whatever we want to call the mandala of our being in this world).
I don't know if he daily practises anything; we didn't get around to talking about those matters - I'd be interested, though.

Might as well disclose my practises here:
After waking up (between 7 and 10, depending on when I went to bed or when I wake up; I tend to go with that) I do some 30 minutes of bodily exercises - a mix between what Murphy and Leonard put in their book "Mastery" and some for strengthening my muscles.
Then I do 'stream of consciousness' writing for 45 minutes or so… and then have breakfast. Every evening I sit for an hour (with some music at beginning and end), and sporadically some vizualisations for another half an hour.
Being some kind of taoist (or whatever one wants to call following the flow of the mystery in the moment) I spontaneously during the day stop, feel and enjoy the 'subtle energies' or better the 'dynamic presencings' of the moment.

Anyway I do agree on the very cognitive stance of Wilberian integralists, and I guess many of the transpersonal academics - but I don't know many of the latter, so I can't say. The former do often some kind of practise, if I can believe some blog entries here on zaadz that I come across, but it is cognitively steered… by that I mean if one doesn't continually 'listen to the body' when doing bodily exercises but lets it follow some kind of cognitively structured regime (because it's in accordance to say the aqal thing) - what respect is that for the body's wisdom?

And this I believe strongly: If we are to regard everything as a divine emanation - and I do see that this makes a lot of sense - than one has to listen to all phenomena accordingly.

When you say: directly dissolving the negative impulses (which are obsessional and come from the lower subconscious) in the higher Light, could I understand that to say that you somehow hold it on an open hand in that Light until it dissolves?
I'm a very visually/symbolically thinking person, so somehow visualizing these things help very much. To give you an idea:
When in Jorges workshop during an exercise I don't want to describe here I gradually saw ever more clearly that 'my' consciousness was being held and nourished by my body who was like a tree rooted deep down in the dark soil. I called the vision "Sun Tree" as consciousness is like the sun held in the cup of the tree's crown… and according to my relational understanding this symbolic picture shows how darkness (the so called negative, at least in part) is actually nourshing the light of consciousness which in turn is enlightening and thus feeding the trees crown: both co-create each other and actually transform as they interact/relate.

3 days later
Bob said

Hi, Mushin…… Alan,et al,

                 I must say I found your google video of great interest…..especially the music! What is the name of it. It was definitely "choral" in character, and then something else came after it. I was impressed. Please tell me the name of the former, and if possible the latter…

It seems to me that your "system" of  "self-development" if it could be called as such is essentially natural, and spontaneous…what is sometimes referred to in the East as Sahaj Yoga (not to be confused with Mataji Nirmala Devis approach!!). It reminds me too of Subud in which a "force" takes over the individual in an incredibly natural, and spontaneous manner though in this case it does not last long. Kriyas, or strange movements ofcourse can manifest which is said to be part of the cleansing process. Ofcourse, your "system" is like the Christian phenomenon of  "speaking in tongues" in which people enter into a "waking trance" and feel "possessed" by highly positive subtle energies. Words can never do real justice to such things, and I notice on one video that  trying to explain in "rational terms" what happens during the experience is often difficult in extremis……..

In India notably a guru transmits his, or her shakti into the disciple. It can be "described" as thus.

i) An awareness of highly subtle forces around oneself, and in the world. In most cases, this is probable a super-tactile experience, and can "willingly" lead one into a higher states of conciousness or ASCs. Ofcourse, some people may experience visions notably in the form of "lights" "sounds," and "imagery".

ii) An extremely natural, and spontaneous process. No fear is experienced at all.Indeed, it is the most natural, and spontaneous process in the world. It is also like rediscovering something that has existed before but we have "forgotten", or "lost" it so to speak..

iii) A growing awareness that a higher part of ones "self" is starting to function, and is trying naturally, and spontaneously to control the mind.

iv) Bad thoughts may enter the mind, and can be DISSOLVED when attention is directed to them.

iv) Also, in order for one to be continually be concious of It  and increase its flow one must continue the spiritual practice concerned ideally most of the day.

Essentially, spiritual practice is literally "going with the flow", and it can be stopped, or lessened if we decide to follow some other experiential esoteric path.It can the be "reawakened" if there is a "new" transmission of  energy.

What I find so overwhelming about It is how incredibly NATURAL, AND SPONTANEOUS IT ALL IS.  These two words are very important to appreciate about It .


Robert Searle.

M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak
3 days later
M. Alan said

hi Mushin

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me!

I find immediately after waking up, that is the best time to meditate. Like you I also like to keep my body fit although I don't follow a system of exercises. I might go for a bike ride (cycling) along the forshore one day, and carry heavy groceries back from the shop another. Just as long as I do something. But I agree with you how important it is to respect the wisdom of the body.

Yes I use visualisation a lot and like you it comes easily to me. What I do is imagine the negative impulse being dissolved in divine white light (but it shouldn't be a forced visualisation, it should feel easy and natural). Apparently with theta healing the visualisations sometimes come of themselves after one requests God to "change it (i.e. do the healing) and show me". I interpret this as the words cuing the subconscious to visualise. But in Theta Healing there is definitely this element of "commanding" which is not present in other New Age modalities. The idea is that as you are God in your own soul essence, you can "command" that a healing or whatever occur. Of course in occult systems like The Golden Dawn etc they have commanding too, but without the theology. My feeling is that the theology in Theta Healing is to help the subconscious believe it (placebo). However there also is the literal handing over or letting go (which like i said i am not good at because of my ego-attachment, but once i somehow did it in association with a mantra and it was incredible).

Robert, yes initiation is certainly something interesting; these gurus seem to have a power they can transmit to others. I have not myself actually ever experienced what you talk about though.

In hindsight my experience of receiving Sri Ramana's light was not due to shakti-pat or transference of spiritual presence via Gangaji as I originally believed, but rather directly from Ramana's photo there. Although it may well be that Gangaji's presence helped make it a more conducive environment for my own spiritual aspiration and receptivity at that moment

~C4Chaos : (hyper)linker
3 days later
~C4Chaos said

"You can't get that from just the video alone.  The consciousness of The Secret video is actually very base.  But it's like using exoteric religion to reach an esoteric level.  The exoteric is selfish and egotistic, the esoteric is about transcending the self."


thanks for this great post!

yeah, i feel the same thing. and like you, i haven't seen the whole movie because i don't think i'd learn anything new from it anyway. that's why i've always set my focus on the general topic, which is, The Law of Attraction. then again i also found out that this "law" was apparently channeled. what do you think about it?


riet : mystiquefontaine
3 days later
riet said

I personally have a problem with the 'law of Attraction'

I know the best things in my life where things I could never have imagined so I couldn't have attracted it.

M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak
3 days later
M. Alan said

Hi ~C

What in "The Secret" is called the "Law of Attraction" (like attracts like, or thoughts create reality) is actually a fundamental element in all magical thinking.  See e.g. Sir Jame Frazer, The Golden Bough, the chapter on magic.  So if it's channelled that's just rehashing the same idea.  All it shows is that these ideas are floating around on the mental plane (or in the noosphere, if you prefer). 

For other examples look at New Thought, Napolean Hill, Jane Roberts, A Course in Miracles, Shakti Gawain, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, etc etc etc.

Hi Riet

I totally agree with what you say!  However that doesn't mean that one can't use magic as well, assuming one feels inspired or guided to.  It's like the difference between Vedanta and Tantra, Mysticism and Magic, Shiva and Shakti.   However magical techniques can be a perilous path if one allows oneself to become a slave to attachment or self-centeredness, whereas selfless surrender to the Supreme, and just going with the Tao, is always safe, because by it's very nature it involves transcending the limited self or ego. 

Mushin : We-full
4 days later
Mushin said

Quotes from the link ~C provided:

Nothing merely shows up in your experience. You attract it, all of it, no exceptions.

I think this neatly sums it up. As for giving the attraction some power:

Words alone do not attract, but when you feel emotion when you speak, that means your vibration is strong—and the Law of Attraction must answer those vibrations.

In particular one emotion:

But if you will let your standard of success be your achievement of joy, everything else will fall easily into place. For in the finding of joy, you are finding vibrational alignment with the resources of the Universe. […] reaching for the best-feeling thought you can find,…

Basically I think that's "The Secret".
Nevertheless, of course, life is much more complex as we all know and has been pointed out here before; in this context I liked Riet saying, "I know the best things in my life where things I could never have imagined so I couldn't have attracted it."
Within the framework of the "Lore of Attraction" this could be accounted for, though, as joyfully opening up to what we could call the 'blissfully unexpected'…

Saying that, it opens up to a beautiful feeling in me.
And it reminds me again of a practise I once did a long time ago (and which I will be taking up again, now that I'm so reminded). It rests on the premise that I will continue to grow more beautiful, wise and wholly human until my very last breath. So I think of myself (the surround/space that is me) in, say, some ten years from no, opening up to the 'vibrations' of that and 'channeling' them into the this space of here-now.
This is easy, as surely I'm most attuned to 'myself' and will always be. I don't have to imagine… there is a sense of certainty, which, of course, greatly enhances this practise.

Thank you, alan and all here, for awakening me to this again.

M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak
4 days later
M. Alan said

And thank you Mushin for your own very inspiring comments here!

debyemm : Tree Hugging Dirt Worshiper
5 days later
debyemm said

I want to thank Sandra for posting this link at the Co-Creating Reality Pod in the discussion entitiled "I hate to say this, but …".  I really don't spend any time in the blogs, except when someone brings my attention to them.  I learned about The Secret from my 33 yr old daughter when she saw the Oprah version, which I never saw but based upon what I have heard, I'm glad that is where she got it.  Anyway, when she told me about it, she said, all of this will probably be familiar to you.  Now, she hasn't lived with me since she was 3 and she only visited in the summers when she was older but without my making a big deal about it or trying to "teach" her anything, she "knows" something about my thinking and philosophies of life.

I do agree with Alan, I was bored to a degree with the DVD The Secret.  I watched it only once but it took several sessions of laundry folding to get through it and at times, it did seem to drag and go over and over some of the points.  I think this is more obvious to someone already familiar with the concepts.  For me, it was like a summary of what it has taken 30 yrs to learn.  For someone new to the concepts, I think hearing the same concept expressed in different ways is probably useful.

I found his comment below interesting -

"The only difference is that the Theta technique, like The Secret and New Age magic in general, allows you to manifest things that your ego would like.  Now, I have already commented on my Integral Transformations blog that I consider this a good thing, as long as it is for the good of all sentient beings.  This is because mysticism is tied up with a poverty consciousness, the idea that you need to live an ascetic life of denial to get close to God.  I have suggested that a new, more world-affirming, mysticism is emerging."

I think this is true and a quality of life affirming mysticism as well in my humble opinion.  That the mysticism that is emerging in our time does not require the poverty of the past (perhaps it was due in some part to learning non-attachment) and I do agree that there is nothing wrong with desires and when "harm none" or "for the highest good of all" is added, it is good.

I also resonated with Michael Beckwith of the Agape center.  And I agree that the video does serve the purpose of reaching people who are at a certain level of expression, who really need the message.  Hence I sent a copy of the video to my sister because she has reoccurent problems with work relationships that I think can be turned around and hoped this to have a positive impact on her quality of life.  The point Alan makes about people with more heart development (and less mental development) being the most vulnerable, having put themselves in negative situations with no-one to guide them, I think is important in accepting the phenomenan that is The Secret and its mass appeal.  I agree that it is these people who really need to hear this message and so I am grateful that it is entertaining enough and appeals to their self interest enough to pull them in. 

I guess I'll have to go back and look for the Cat sequence, I missed that entirely.  I find it hard to believe, given the tone of the movie I watched, that the girl was intentionally being depicted as drawing "joy" from distressing an animal.  That doesn't sound like the movie I remember watching.  Perhaps she was drawing joy from allowing the cat to play.  It's all in the interpretation.

I really took the message of the whole movie positively, to know it is possible to take control of one's life and experiences.  That it was more about "good" relationships and respect for other people, not the narcissistic version so many have fixated on.  True, the movie believes there is nothing wrong with having the "good" things of life and being comfortable, not being burdened by debt, poor health and bad relationships.

That The Secret is good marketing and Hollywoodistic is true.  Alot of people are making some significant money because of it.  If it gets attention, that is good.  Anyone with a good background in Law of Attraction or Metaphysics knows there is nothing "Secret" about any of it.


Cheryl : Explorer of the Universe
6 days later
Cheryl said

PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING and your take on the film The Secret is indicative that you had already made up your mind prior to having seen a part of the film.  The Secret is about the Law of Attraction…nothing more nothing less. 

Although I did not see any of the boring repetition you saw in the film you might want to consider that IF the creators of the film repeated the same ideas over and over it might be because there are so many people out there who apparently, based on their lives as they are today, just not figuring out that the perceptions, attitudes, thoughts and feelings that they CHOOSE is what dictates how their lives turn out and what they attract into their life.  So it stands to reason that some repetition and simple language just might be called for when the viewers are ignorant to the idea of the Law of Attraction and their own responsibility in creating the life that they feel they deserve to live.

As far as them spending too much time on 'feelings' and not enough time on 'thoughts' IF you'd been paying the slightest bit attention with an open mind you would know that feelings play a huge part in dictating what our thoughts are and that what we think about we attract to ourselves.  Also I found the film quite informative with tons and tons of useful suggestions (step by step how to do it's) for creating ones life with purpose rather than simply living one's life by default as a helpless powerless innocent little being that is afraid to be their own master.  Again I remind you PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING so it doesn't surprise me what your perception was of this film.

I find it oddly ironic to see so many people making the statement that they simply do not believe in the Law of Attraction.  Whether one believes it exists or not…it still exists. Kinda like oxygen.  You can't see it, can't touch it and can't really smell it and if you wanted to it would be extremely easy for you to say that you simply don't believe it exists…however that will not change the fact that you are living on the oxygen you breath no matter if you believe in it or not.  Same goes for the Law of Attraction…we are ALL living by it and it is affecting ALL of our lives on a daily basis.  The only difference between a 'believer' and a 'non-believer' is that the non-believer lives their life by default typically viewing themselves as some poor little powerless pawn to some great cosmic or worse yet religious scheme…they see themselves mostly as victims of circumstance.  Where as those who accept that the Law of Attraction exists typically live the lives that they themselves create with their chosen perceptions, attitudes, feelings, thoughts and conscious intentions.

It truly could not be any more simple to understand or to accept…that is if one is open minded and willing enough to stop being a victim and begin being a creator of their life.


Mushin : We-full
6 days later
Mushin said

Dearest Cheryl,

I really liked your post as it so clearly shows the Law of Attraction at work - it seems you are attracting either believers or people who "by default typically viewing themselves as some poor little powerless pawn to some great cosmic or worse yet religious scheme…they see themselves mostly as victims of circumstance".

But what you are also attracting is people like Alan who doesn't take himself as a "pawn" and neither as a "believer", as he's made clear, I think, abundantly clear; and also here are some other people who don't feel so well in the two little boxes you propose to put us in but who have moved into a realm of life where there is more color than just this black and white boxes of believing or non-believing the way you seem to do. So in my view you have attracted well.

Now might be the time to actually read what we colorful, feeling and thoughtful people you have attracted are saying, and follow your own advice, "that is if one is open minded…"

Love & Peace to you,

Cheryl : Explorer of the Universe
6 days later
Cheryl said

I was only trying to explain that regardless of whether one adheres to the concept of being the creator of one's existence or not the Law of Attraction still exists and we are all living by it as we see fit or are ignorant of it's existence which by no means is a reflection upon us as beings. I see no black and white and fully accept that each person's path is their own and is the right path for them regardless of what beliefs they may or may not follow.  It is not any one beings place to judge what anothers path might be or how one finds that path.  I would never suggest that the film The Secret is the 'be all' or 'do all' or even the last film on the Law of Attraction we will ever need to see. 

I suppose my motivation for responding to Alan's critique of the film was to share my perception of what the film was about and the value of the film.  Since our perception of EVERYTHING is by our own choice then I suppose I might have chosen a different perception of what his meaning behind his critique was.  I came on strongly but no more strongly than he did in his critique.  Like attract like I suppose, eh?

Please forgive a work in progress for her chosen perception and the ensuing reaction which was expressed openly.


P.S.  My response was only to Alan's initial blog and no I had not read any other responses nor did I feel obligated to.  I do not find that any of the responses, which I have now read as you suggested, had any bearing upon my response to Alan's thoughts on the film.  I wasn't commeting on or responding to the discussion in total but ONLY to Alan's critique.

M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak
6 days later
M. Alan said

Hi Cheryl

I'm a person who speaks my mind, so I'll just cut to the chase.   I sensed a lot of self-righteous anger and shadow projection in your response.  Along the lines of how dare anyone criticise The Secret!!?  Then for some reason you start going on in imho a rather preachy manner about how the "Law of Attraction" really does exist.  But when did I or anyone else here say that it didn't?

If you got a lot out of the Secret, and found it a useful practical guide, that's great!  If you reread my post you will see that I say The Secret is a good thing because it empowers many people.  So I really am puzzled where our disagreement lies, or if, indeed, there even is any disagreement. 

As for your aside that like attracts like, well then  why - having learned as you say you have from the Secret - do you want to pump out all that anger and negativity into the universe?

Cheryl I am sure that you are a very decent and sincere person, and I know I myself am far from perfect!  But obviously not everyone's perspectives, feelings, and ideas are compatable with everyone else's, and it is that very diversity that makes life so interesting. 

Cheryl : Explorer of the Universe
7 days later
Cheryl said

Then it is no surprise that we have 'attracted' one another into our experience because I too am a person who honestly speaks their mind.  I would like to think that we agree that perspective is everything.  My perspective of your critique may be off from your intent (and it probably is).  Your perspective of my comments on your critique may be off from my intent (I can assure you it is if you saw anger there).  But since our perspective is really all we have to go on as far as our own personal reality…it is what it is.  I apologize if my perspective was off and I reacted in kind according to my perception.  I take full responsibility for anything I may have misinterpreted.  However there is no self-righteous anger here or in my words before…just offering my honest opinion.

We do most definitely agree that it is diversity that makes life so interesting.  Anyone who wishes to can criticize The Secret…however in a free Universe anyone who wishes to can comment on that criticism.  That is how freedom of speech works.

I would say then based on our exchange of words I suppose we both have a lot to learn.  I have no problem admitting that I do and have no problem admitting when I zigged when it might have been more prudent to zag. 

Again I apologize if you feel that I have wronged your integrity in some way.  That was never my intent.


M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak
7 days later
M. Alan said

Hi Cheryl!

Please, no need to apologise! :-)  I certainly do not feel that you have wronged my integrity in any way!  We are both strong people and speak our mind, and that is good.  And we are both, each in our own way, aspiring and working to spiritually perfect ourselves, or in any case to become better  human beings (as I am sure is everyone here on Zaadz!), and striving to help make this a better world.  And at the end of the day that is what really matters.

best wishes (and no hard feelings my end at all!)

Cheryl : Explorer of the Universe
7 days later
Cheryl said

No worries Alan.  You know I've found that more often than not the most 'volatile' relationships in the beginning can become the closest relationships in the end.  I can't tell you how many times I have learned to take a different perspective with someone only to find that person isn't anything like I first thought they were.  I will choose a different perspective from now on as I know I can change no one but myself and so this is a lesson to me…stop judging and start listening!

Thanks Alan.  I look forward to exploring together here at Zaadz!


M. Alan : Aspiring sadhak
7 days later
M. Alan said

"I know I can change no one but myself and so this is a lesson to me…stop judging and start listening!"

lol!  same here!  ;-)

Cheryl : Explorer of the Universe
8 days later
Cheryl said

I have found from personal experience that until I accept that I am a work in progress (always learning) I am unable to change those things about myself such as my attitude and my perceptions that continue to hold me back from discovering the joy of being.


Michael : catalyst-producer
about 1 month later
Michael said

boring repetitious shite - INDEED - my own perspectives of the Law of aTTr ACTION relate more to the need for the ACTION of assuming responsibility - rather than a gung-ho attachment to the desire of making money !

RE: I hate to say this, but… peacefulspirit_joyfulsoul_bliss said 19 minutes ago:

I have often seenin the world we live in– The Richest people are often very Poor at heart.Peace, J

The Secret is More a Hype in the West than the East peacefulspirit_joyfulsoul_bliss

I saw the movie Secret much before it even got its acclaim. Did it affect me enough to go and tell people "This is Fabulous, you got to see it!!!"
No, it did not.
My contribution to this Pod is here:-
" Just as the Power of Attraction or the Law of attraction is at play all along in our destiny making or breaking, there are two more Powers or laws simultaneously and interconnected–working as well. Law of Repulsion–which is the Natural opposite of the Attraction aspect– and the secong is "Natural or Cosmic Flow" This one–the latter– is at play at almost every moment even when we are not 'Consciously thinking"
Even while we sleep, Dream, Fantasize, Hallucinate or 'Pray an Outside God" there is a Cosmic or Natural Flow going on, which we are either partially or completely oblivious of. Once a person gets a feel of this and is in ABSOLUTE Sync with this, then the 'Personal Will of any individual or a group of Individuals" becomes completely encompassed by the Cosmic Will.
Just as Scientists are not able to discern completely what "Global Warming is?" many people can't see this "Cosmic Flow" without their Spirits being in alignment with the Spirit of the universe or the cosmos.
I have talked with Nanotechnologists, Genetic Engineering specialists who have told me quite frankly " All the clones made by the scientific community thus far–namey Dolly's , Polly's and molly's– were all FAILURES in the sense that each of them came out with some "Birth defects" Why were they not able to 'Exactly replicate a human or an animal being?"
Because "The Scientific community has yet to recognize the existence of something called Spirit" So, for them to replicate that, they would first have to get what is a Spirit.
Same way–all these "Hypers" about the movies 'What the Bleep and Secret' must realize, the Spirit is "Completely impervious to Results or Outcomes"
Every Positive or Negative is based on our attachment to RESULTS. If we are not attached to outcomes, then there is no need for Worry, nor for Attraction or repulsion.
There certainly is a higher dimension of reality called 'The unified Realm of consciousness–where we feel Oneness with all that is"
How do we get there? not by Attraction or repulsion. Love can take you there.
Nobody talks about LOVE like before…maybe in the late sixties and before. The more we are going away from Love, the more deluded we shall get.
This was the highest quality in someone like Jesus Christ, who was an epitome of Love and he lived by example, neither was he Attracted to anything or by anything nor repulsed.
I am not even born a Catholic nor do I believe in the Bible and such, but I feel Jesus's main message is far more than all this Secret Hype—"Love each other equally and just Love unconditionally"
Much love n Light
Jagan Ramamoorthy
(Some Great music in there)

An addition to my earlier post.
Don't the makers of "The Secret" know if they had just said " If you buy a Secret DVD, you shall get one Playstation 3 free?" Would have done their trick far easier?"
Much Love
Jagan Ramamoorthy

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