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Wikipedia link New Age - Best of the Web.

web pageNew Age Spirituality - overall introduction, gives a sympathetic and good definition of the New Age movement.

Web Page Metaphysical Musings - a good overview of various "New Age" and "New Paradigm" topics - including Human Potentiaol, Weird/Fringe Science, Theories and Beliefs, Elevated Consciousness and Spirituality, and Mysterious Places

SpiritusSpiritus (we are all Spirit) is a privately funded, non profit Foundation, which provides information to help seekers after TRUTH discover and understand the meaning of our human existence ... to " ACHIEVE GOD REALISATION THROUGH SELF REALISATION ".

Web Site New Age Spirituality a new Web site that explores - through spiritualism, philosophy, the paranormal, and so on - the idea that this life, this world, is not the totality of our existence. It might be just one small part of something much bigger, just one tiny step along an infinite journey...

Web Site Spiritual Page - Australian Holistic Directory Information, Complimentary Health Services, Practitioners, Teachers, Centers, Businesses, Products, Workshops & Event

Web Site World Light Center

"Dedicated to the Joyous and Graceful Ascension of People and our Planet.- We have more than 1500 pages of information, including over 200 articles and over 2000 links to Spiritual/Healing Web sites, Alternative Healers and Light Workers!  We are dedicated to serving the Divine Plan, Light Workers and Healers around the world. Online Since 1995"

One Spirit ProjectOne Spirit Project:

"Facilitating personal growth and spiritual enlightenment through interaction and discussion, we encourage new perspectives that will help you find meaning and purpose in your life. Large resource directory."

links web page Some thoughts on "New Age"... - Reincarnation, out of body experiences, chakras, meditation, channeled information, and more - heaps of links, also books, dividing according to topic.

Web Siteoriginal artwork Awaken Visions - great New Age artwork

"Awaken Visions is a domain of truth, beauty and inspiration. Visionary Art - dolphins, whales, angels, mandalas, sacred spaces and landscapes of imagination that speak the language of the soul. Quality prints on canvas, web design and graphic services, free art e-postcards, recommended movies and reading. Themes of awakening and coming home to the True Self. categories: art, consciousness, New Age, Web Design"

Web Siteannoitated links About Com - Healing Home Page Not specifically New Age as such, but a very big overlap with New Age through covering a very wide range of different holistic healing modalities.

links web pagelinks site Alternative, Holistic, & General Health Links Big Link Index of health resources, everything from Medicine to New Age - part of the RA*D*AR ELECTROMAGNETIC STABILIZER site.

Web SiteLiving Light Journal

"In case you are wondering Living Light Journal is not rooted in chronological time or linear format. This is a document in the spirit of Hyper-Text but reflecting the freedom of Hyper-Space/Time replacing 12:60 Gregorian Time with Mayan 13:20 with links to other dimensions, galaxies and the collective unconscious so aptly described by Carl Jung, Terrence McKenna, Barbara Hand Clow, Jose Arquelles, Art Gianfermo and others."

NewHeavenNewEarth New Heaven New Earth
not specifically New Age, more a networking thing, but there is a lot of overlap with the New Age movement.  Check out their excellent external link links page.

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