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From the unitary, unmanifest Spirit springs the manifest duality of Mind-Matter, creating a trinity: +ve, neuter, -ve (of which Vishnu, Brahma, Mahesh; Proton, Neutron, Electron etc. are but a reflection). However, this manifestation itself is a process whose number of stages (0 to 7) depend upon the degree the 'lotus of manifestation' has bloomed. During the present '5th Stock Race of Man', to whom Cosmos appears to be 5-fold (e.g. with 5 Elements, the 5th: Ether only about half precipitated; also, the 5 Methods of Procreation) this number is 5.

The Cosmic Duality of Mind-Matter is known as:

States of Duality: Mind and Matter

States of Duality: Mind and Matter

Gods such as Shiva- the Purush- Father of Heaven and Earth and his progeny are often represented in their dual or Ardha-nareshwara- androgynic or hermaphroditic aspect. Gradually, sexuality appears with one or the other sex prevailing within the androgyne itself, before the sexes fully separate. Besides and below him is Shakti- the Prakriti- Mother, who is at once his sister, consort and daughter, making the sexual act essentially incestuous. Of the fully separated male-female (after the 'fall' due to sexual activity- the 'churning of the ocean'), the former holds potential to create or the 'seed' (masculine, Mind), while the latter creates centres within creation or the 'egg' or womb or ovum or oval (feminine, Matter), precipitating the energy of the male into forms. The Principle of the fully separated male-female is the very consummation of the creational process, with the female (Moon) world taking its place below the male (Sun) world (although, each chakra has its own individual male-female or Mind-Matter aspect as well, making the process 'incestuous'- the created female becoming both the wife and daughter of the male, and also the son becoming the consort of the female mother!).

In fact, the source of the male and female duality in Creation begins with the splitting of the Cosmic Creative Power of 'Naam' or the 'Holy Word' itself into the upward 'Sound' and the downward 'Light' currents. The Sun-Moons symbolize the dual aspect: (male, right-handed, good) Mind and (female, left-handed, evil) Matter. Eve is created out of Adam's ribs or side (or, from his stomach as in 'Anurag Saagar'). However, paradoxically enough, Adam (historically, Swayambuva Manu- progenitor of the human race) is deemed 'complete' only after such a separation! Eve is at once sister (since they have a common parentage), daughter (since she is created from his body) and wife to Adam. The human microcosm itself is likewise made up of the dual: higher non-Solid 'male' body and encased within it, the lower dense, Solid 'female' body (though, in men and women, the polarities are opposite). The feminine Creation is the mirror-reflection of the masculine Creation. All forms of dualities: Mind/Matter, Time-Space, good/bad, sound/light, active/passive, subjective/objective, rational/intuitive, analytic/synthesizing, integration/differentiation, positive/negative, right/left, 1/0, Yang/Yin, head/heart, sensory/motor, Heaven/Earth, day/night, joy/sorrow, Dayal- the merciful/Kaal- the just, Purush/Prakriti, Shiva/Shakti etc. are essentially dualistic creations of the same type. However, all these dualities always have a third, higher non-dualistic aspect.

Kaal and Dayal


Creation is not a linear, but a cyclical process. In the process of its 'fall' and then 'ascent', the soul tumbles up and down through roller-coaster like through cycles within cycles, and cycles within cycles within cycles etc. There are numberless periodic cycles of various levels, wherein a downward creation is followed by an upward dissolution, much as night follows day.

Since time expands towards the Positive Pole of Creation, the dissolutions are also of varying magnitude of time. Therefore, a soul that has attained a partial 'liberation' unto a specific inner plane does so only until a dissolution strikes that plane. The only liberation that is beyond clutches of time is that at Sat Lok in Sach Khand, Region Truth beyond all duality of time, known as Sahaj Samadhi.

Types of Pralayas- Dissolutions

Types of Pralayas

* varies with the Yuga- Age.


The various time cycles are defined in the plane of the present Sutratma- Soul-string of Man are given below:

4 Day+Night of Pitris- manes = 1 human month = 2 Pakshas- human fortnights
4 Day+Night of Devas- gods (celestial) = 1 human year = 2 Ayanas- solstices
4 Maha-Yuga = Cycle of 4 Yugas = 12,000 celestial years = 4.32 mill. human years (comprising: Sat-Yuga = 1.728 my; Treta-Yuga = 1.296 my; Dwapar-Yuga = 0.864 my & Kali-Yuga = 0.432 my)
4 Manvantar = about 71 Maha-Yugas= 303.67 mill. years
4 Epoch = 2 Manvantars (one each of Creation and Dissolution)
4 Kalpa (a 'Round' of all 7 Earth Globes) = Cosmic Day/Night (each) = 2 Parandharas = 7 Epochs (each with 2 different, Root and Seed Manus, 14 in all; comprises a Manvantar, during which life-stream passes through an Earth Globe and a Bhu Jal Pralaya- Earthly Water dissolution) = 1000 Maha-Yugas = 4,320 mill. years
4 Aeon = 1 'Day of Brahma' = Cosmic Day+Night
4 Globe-Period = 'Fortnight or 2 Weeks of Brahma'
4 Maha-Kalpa (Revolution) = '100 years' life of Brahma' = 2 Parardhs = 7 Biblical 'Days of Creation' = 311.04 mill. mill. years
4 Life of 'Milky Way' at Jhanjhri Dweep or Vaikunth {10} = ' 100 years' life of Vishnu' = 196 times Brahma's life

The life of individual planes in the Lower Astral is as below:

The Life-span of various Sub-planes

The Life-span of various Sub-planes

Note: Some of the figures are rounded-off and need to be corrected for Sandhya and Sandhyansh- periods at the beginning and ending of an age for accuracy.

$ This period corresponds to the average life of a 'Stock Race' of Man.
& This corresponds to a 'Sub Race' of Man.

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