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The Dynamic Evolution of 'Man' & 'Cosmos' during the Kalpas, Manvantaras & Stock Races of 'Man'

The Blooming Cosmic Lotus

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The dynamic 'Lotus Plant of Cosmos' is constituted thus:

  1. The 'Cosmic Waters and the Roots of the Plant' are in Anami-Sach Khand.
  2. The 'Stalk or the unblossomed Bud' is in Paar-Brahm.
  3. The 'blooming Lotus Flower' is in Causal & Astral of Brahmand.
  4. The 'Cosmic Waters and Roots'/'Stalk' of the next Plant are in the Spirit/Crooked Cataract of the Physical of Brahmand. (an obverse copy of 1.) [the remaining of the Physical grows along with the variously Elemented 'Stock Races of Man'. In fact, so does the entire Creation].

The Flower (3.) eventually has 7 petals when fully abloom. Each Kalpa creates a new Continent as a petal (Sapta-Dweepas: Jambu, Shalmali, Kusha, Krauncha, Shaka & Pushkar). Presently since only 3.1/2 Kalpas have elapsed, the 3 Continents that are complete are: 1. Causal (L1)- Ahankara 2. Upper Astral (U2)- Buddhi and Lower Astral (L2)- Manas. The 4th- Chitta is under creation and is presently common with Upper Physical (U3) and will become independent by the 5th Kalpa. Yet 3 more new Continents will form during 5th to 7th Kalpas, at the end of which the Cosmos will have not just 7 as at present, but 11 Continents in all.

Likewise, the individual Lotus of each Continent blooms at the middle of its equator (e.g. 'Jewel in the Lotus', 'Pearl within the Oyster pods') at the 'Single Eye', the point of 'duality'. It simultaneously creates worlds (below) and anti-worlds (above). As a result, Meru, Sumeru and Kailash are formed sequentially, each in both their matter ('bright matter') and anti-matter ('dark matter') forms (thus 2 x 3 = 6 elements in all plus the Single Eye, the 7th) much as ripples in a pond of water. Presently, during the 5th Race, Kailash is integral with the 'Single Eye' and will become an independent entity only by the 7th Race.

Time Cycles below the 'Single Eye' Plane

The Creation below the 'Single Eye' (Mahar Lok) is 4-fold constituted of the 'minor triple worlds' (also known as 'Sindh Viraat'): Swah, Bhuvah & Bhu Lokas. The life-stream's travel between these 3 lokas comprises of '7 Earths' constitutes a Kalpa (basis of the 'Saat Pheras'- 7 perambulations of the Hindu Weddings). After 7 Kalpas the life-stream reaches the 'Single Eye' and the Rupa Earth (with form) is fully destroyed. Each of the 7 Earths [2 each at Swah, Bhuvah and Bhu- Linga, plus one at Bhu- Sthula] constitutes a Manvantara. [Note: each Kalpa and Manvantara is succeeded by a similar anti-period of Pralaya- dissolution] On each Earth, there are 7 'Stock Races' of Man during a Manvantara before life-stream passes on to the next Earth.

I. The Kalpas:

During the present 4th Kalpa, the source or the 'Crown' of the Creation is Trikuti, the {4} lotus in the Causal Plane from where the '4 Vedas' are revealed in their Causal form. The Creation proper begins below it, with its Spirit at {2}Gagan atop Astral Plane.

[However, by the final 7th Kalpa, this Crown will be at {12} Maan-sarovar (the 'liberation plane' in Paar-Brahm) and the Creation proper, with its Spirit or Soul-String from {10} macrocosmic Daswan Dwar at the top of Brahmanda- Triple Worlds. Then 'Man' will have reached his complete evolution and begin to become 'Super-Man'].

The manifest Mounts (within the present Adam)- Meru, Sumeru & Kailash also have 3.1/2 coils, as does the Kundalini. Presently since 3.1/2 Kalpas have been completed (as also Brahma's 50 years), and the half-way stage of our life-stream's development have been crossed.

Creation Architecture
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God Adam and Present Adam
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The Earth Chain
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Creation Architecture
God Adam and Present Adam
The Earth Chain
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II. The Manvantaras:

During the present 4th Manvantara (out of 7 in all during this Kalpa), however, the 'Crown' is at {12} Sahasraar or Shakti Lok (which is thus the present final destination of all Religions) and the Creation proper has its Sutratma- Soul-String ('Chaos') at {10} Jhanjhri Dweep or Vaikunth (which is why all Avataars of the Negative Power are said to those of Vishnu). The Manatma- Mind-String ('Theos') is at Satyam or Brahmaa Lok below it and Dehatma- Matter-String ('Kosmos') at Janah Lok or Mahesh Lok.

The present Adam thus is constituted of:

Vaikunth or the invisible Milky Way itself is a product of Maithuna-strishti- sexually manifest creation by the union of {16} Shiva (represented by 'Linga' or Bindu) and {12} Shakti (represented by 'Yoni' or Sindhu), which are the 'Black Hole' at its centre.

Shiva-Shakti (Purush-Prakriti; Mind-Matter; Kaal Niranjan-Jyoti) are rulers of all the 'invisible galaxies' including the Milky Way [the 'visible Milky Way' being its reflex or copy in the Physical, seen within as a Star-filled sky, the 1-Element or 1-Mind above the Celestial Rainbow of 7-fold colours of the Elements, though presently predominantly 5-fold].

Shiva-Shakti, in turn, themselves are produced from {2} Gagan (atop the Astral Plane, of which Ajna atop the Physical Plane is the reflex) via Bunk-Naal- crooked cataract (of which Taalu is the reflex). [Above Gagan are the Causal & Supra Causal Planes extending from Trikuti {4} to Bhanwar-gupha {2}. Beyond them is Sach Khand-Anami, the Divine Abode].

III. Stock Races of Man:

We are presently only the '5th Stock Race' ('Aryan') of the present Manvantara (out of a total 7) [During the middle of 4th Race i.e. 3.1/2 Races came at the completion of Brahma's 50 years indicating the lower end of the journey of our life-stream and return towards our Spiritual Home; this is also the 'middle' Manvantara and the 'middle' Kalpa as well]. The '5th Element': Akasha or Ether is becoming present in us (although it will manifest fully only in the 6th Race). Since macrocosm is in holographically reflected in the microcosm, the entire Cosmos is also '5-fold'. [Ultimately, the 7th Race will have 7 Elements. The 7 Elements will however only be perfected with the perfection of 'Man' at the end of the 7th Race in the the 7th Manvantara in the 7th Kalpa]. Hence, in reality, our development is only 5/7th across the Sutratma. We normally go as far as Manas or Janah loka during death [Buddhi & Ahankara or Satyam & Vaikunth during the 6th & 7th Races].

However, it is significant to note that having acquired Manas at Janah or Mahesh Lok, we can now go across the barrier of Mahar Lok or 'Single Eye' thanks to Akasha and can have access to the 'inner worlds'. It is Akasha that gives us Vivek- the power of discrimination or 'free-will', although the price paid for it is becoming subjugated in the 'Law of Karma'. This means that we can both 'go to hell' becoming a 'retard' of the evolutionary process on the one hand but also 'become God' if we so choose, on the other.

more See also Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge and the Soul String, The Soul-String during the Mahakalpa, Spirit-Mind-Matter division of the 5th Root Race and Sapta-Dweepas - The Seven Cosmic Continents for more diagrams

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