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The flights into this expanse of this vast creation
Will one day come to an end.
Man, when totally exhausted, will ultimately
Come back to You, O Lord.

- Sant Darshan Singh



Whenever I travelled from earth
to the Milky Way,
I met love at every step and beauty
in every glance

- Sant Darshan Singh

The poet-saint even goes on to question the returns from our outer space exploration, asking as to what have we found, after all, going to the moon except a few rocks? Instead, the prophesy is, that the real explorations would be into the far more richer and rewarding inner space, though not before Man's disillusionment with the material world is complete. The shortest and the farthest going path into the inner space is through Surat-Shabd Yoga- Yoga of Attention-Celestial Sound, the path of Love and Surrender taught by the Sants, which is also the complete, Master Yoga- all other Yogas being its subsets.

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The living Master is the greatest doctor of all- for it through Him that we receive the greatest medicine- 'Naam', 'Holy Word' or 'Spiritual Nectar', which is the cure of all ailments- Physical, Mental and Spiritual ('Sarab rog ko aukhad Naam', says 'Gurbani'). The symptoms of the ailment of the soul- the patient, is its bondage due to illusion created by the Negative Power (Mind and Matter), whereby the soul does not know its own true self. For taking treatment for this disease, it has to take an appointment with a living perfect Master (the 'doctor'), which is the Naam-daan- Spiritual Initiation, during which He gives the medicine of 'Naam' in accordance with the prescription of the holy scriptures. If the patient (the soul) takes the medicine (meditation) with the prescribed regularity and in accordance with the instructions of the doctor, then it is rendered free of disease, regains its pristine good health i.e. become free of its bondage of constant transmigration and attains its vitality and the pristine brightness of 16 Suns.

When one living Sant-Satguru departs, He transmits His power to yet another- a process known as Aasmaana (Aasmaan- sky), by gazing deeply into His successor's eyes. However, the departed Master continues to reside within the initiate. An initiate, whose Master has physically departed should look for His true successor and continue to take Spiritual guidance from Him. There is always a living perfect Master on the face of earth- without His presence, Earth would most certainly destroy itself due to its negative karma. He has no karma of His own. Not only does He come to redeem His initiates, He also serves the Earth-beings at large, reducing its collective karmic burden. At times, He is even called upon to give personal sacrifice for a greater social cause (for instance, Guru Tegh Bahadur is known to have even given his head away to karmically protect the Kashmiri Hindus from atrocities).

Many a saint has sung the praises of the true Sat-Guru- the greatest of benefactors of the human-kind. Some have placed Him on a pedestal higher than even God! It is said that if we make pens out of all the trees and ink out of all the water in the oceans in the world, we can still not write praises of a perfect Master. While God sent us away from Home into this world- it is only through the grace of the Guru that we return to our pristine Home, Sach Khand-Anami. Besides, we cannot see God; but we do see the Guru, and thus can love Him and communicate with Him freely, as one human-being to another.


Surat-Shabd Yoga is the complete, master Yoga, which alone provides true liberation and can lead to merger of soul with Oversoul, God.


* e.g. the same as the 4 sons of Dasharath- the 10-fold chariot (human body):
Bharat, Shatrughna, Rama & Lakshman in the 'Ramayana'.
Note: 'Karma Yoga'- Yoga of Duty is not strictly a spiritual Yoga.

Surat-Shabd Yoga directs inwards the Sensory or the attention currents, the outward expression of the Spirit within us (rather than the automatic Motor currents governing maintenance and growth systems of the body- a creation of Mind-Matter).

During the Spiritual journey, Nirat (Ni+Rat = non-absorption) stays ahead and Surat (Swa+Rat= self-absorption) follows; both are complementary. Surat is the loving intelligence, which has the power of getting self-absorbed- it gets the soul out of situations of extreme light and extreme darkness; while Nirat is the decision-making power, which negates the absorption. Without Nirat the soul cannot make distinction between the varieties of sounds and would get absorbed (due to Surat) in the local sounds and not be able to proceed further. Eventually, in Sach Khand, Nirat merges in Surat.

Surat-Shabd Yoga is a 3-stepped process, much as the 3 stages of the rocket of the inner space:

1. Sumiran (or Simran)- Remembrance or repetition of the verbalized '5 Names' of the Dhanis- Rulers of the 5 inner Kingdoms or Planes, in sequence, with the 'tongue of the thought', while keeping the attention focus at the '10th Door of the microcosm' or 'Single Eye' or Shiva Netra in the Astral plane, along Sushumna- the inverted central '10th Street' (that goes all the way to Anami). Through this, the outward going sensory currents, after getting focussed at their seat in Ajna chakra, vacate the Physical body, leading to an eventual focus at Savikalp Samadhi- differentiated absorption at Sahasraar (the use of Pranas- dynamic Vital Energy and Kundalini- static Material Energy to achieve the same end is considerably more tedious and is fraught with dangers).

The purpose of remembrance is to still the Chitta- Unconscious Mind, which is like an ever-active monkey. By constant repetition of these Names, 'charged' with the attention power of the Master, Mind is distracted from forming thoughts other than that of God, much as the proverbial genie is controlled by having it repeatedly climb a pole up and down when having nothing else to do. This exercise uses the Surat- the Spiritual faculty of 'inner hearing' as the 'Spirit's Tongue'.

2. Dhyan- Concentration on inner Light, which commences as soon as Sumiran begins to mature as Ajapa Jaap- automatic remembrance without conscious effort (i.e. done by the Master Himself within) drawing the attention into the inner planes. By this, the higher Mind, comprising the Manas, Buddhi and Ahankar principles, going to the '10th Door of the Brahmand- macrocosm' atop the Causal plane, is purified and stilled.

This exercise uses the Spiritual faculty of Nirat- the faculty of 'inner vision' as the 'Spirit's Eye', which truly begins with the initiate first having the Darshan- vision of one's Master in the Astral form at Shiv Netra. By concentration on Light, the attention is anchored and does not slip easily. Eventually, focus is found as Nirvikalp Samadhi- undifferentiated absorption at Maan-sarovar lake, where all karmas are washed away.

3. Bhajan, Kirtan or Dhun- Concentration on inner Sound. Bhajan is best done in what are known as Siddha Aasan and Vaishnavi Mudra, listening to the sound from Sushumna, but coming from the right ear (while avoiding that from the left). This exercise again uses the faculty of Surat- 'inner hearing' as the 'Spirit's Ear'. This is the summum bonum of meditation and leads to Pure Mind at Paar Brahm- Supra Causal plane and thence to Pure Spiritual plane at Sat Lok in Sach Khand in Sahaj Samadhi- easy absorption, the perfect liberation.

The first two exercises are mere, though essential, preliminaries to Bhajan, the third.


Spiritual Initiation into Surat-Shabd Yoga by the living perfect Master is essential, during which He initially imparts, through catalysis, a small portion of His own spiritual wealth to the initiate- it is then up to him/her to cultivate the same in accordance with instructions provided. He takes away the karmic records from the Negative Power and dispenses justice Himself. The Cycle of Birth-Rebirth comes to an end and if necessary, the initiate is given a Human rebirth or two to complete the ascent to Shiv Netra- Single Eye. Outwardly, He gives Satsangs, wherein He outlines the inner path and inwardly, He begins to reside at the Shiv Netra of the initiate and gives his inner Darshan- vision as Gurudev, when the initiate reaches there. At death He receives the initiate Himself, rather than the messengers of the Lord of Death, Yama. If surrendered to, He guides and protects the initiate at all times- all he/she has to do is call through silent, mental remembrance- not even the Negative Power can approach him/her. Finally, at Sach Khand, the Master Himself appears on the Lord's throne as Sat Guru or Sat Purush- Lord of Truth.

However, a non-initiate can also take up meditation, known as 'Jyoti' meditation, instructions for which can be found in Sant Sawan-Kirpal's books: 'Inner and Outer Peace through Meditation' & 'Empowerment Your Soul Through Meditation', Element Books or website: In these times when there are said to be as many Gurus 'as there are stones', all types of meditations are in vogue- some even require holding of hands! It is hence best to learn from a living perfect One.


The only condition to receiving Spiritual Initiation from a perfect Master is that of a vegetarian diet (that excludes meat, eggs etc.) and prohibition of intoxicants such as liquor, drugs etc. Otherwise, all persons irrespective of their religious background (there is no conversion here, only inversion!), sex, age, caste and creed are all given this greatest of wealth in the 'two-worlds' free of cost.

The reason is simply that in accordance with the 4-fold Life-classification, use of vegetables, cereals etc. constitutes a lesser karmic debt than consumption of animals. The idea is to settle the account of the Negative Power and not enhance it! Surely, the Divine Liquor should not be poured into a graveyard!

The ruthless, but just 'Law of Karma' believes in tit for tat- all killing is settled by more killing in the 'reverse'- those eating animal flesh and eggs ought to imagine how they themselves would look in a dish!

While both Jesus (refer the 'Essene Gospel of John': "Obey therefore the words of God, 'Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall for meat...But flesh, and the blood which quickens it, shall ye not eat.") and the Sikh masters, Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Har-gobind clearly forbade eating of meat and fish, majority of the Christians and Sikhs are non-vegetarians today. Even many of the followers of the compassionate Buddha today feel no qualms about consuming non-vegetarian food. It is a commentary not only on how teachings of Spiritual masters get distorted after they are gone, but also on the Spiritual 'capacity' of the followers themselves. Consumption of drugs and intoxicants like liquor is a way of modern life- these are meant to be avoided 100% by a spiritualist as they lead to stupor and drag the soul into the lower consciousness levels, and lead ultimately to birth in the lower life-forms.


Karmas are records of every Mental-Physical act committed ever since the soul arrived in the triple-worlded jailhouse known as Brahmand. As in any accounting system, there are the Kriya maan Karmas- ongoing or free-will karmas that are carried out day-to-day, Prarabdha Karmas- fate karmas on the basis of which a new life is provided and Sanchit Karmas- storehouse karmas, kept as the balance. Karmas are settled partially through visits to Heavens and Hells for specific periods. However, from a spiritual point-of-view, both good and bad karmas are binding and a cause for rebirth and need to be settled fully.

During Spiritual Initiation, a perfect Master takes on the entire Sanchit Karmas of the initiate upon His own body ('carrying the Cross', which is why He is called the greatest of benefactors on earth). Through spiritual ascent by meditation and selfless-service, the Kriya maan Karmas (constituting 25% of the total in a life-time) can be negated, while the Prarabdha Karmas get settled at death anyway. Rendered free of karmic accounts, the soul is free to leave Brahmand- it bathes in Maan-sarovar lake and becomes a liberated Hansa- swan.


Astrology is based on planetary influences. However, these are not quite the external Planets, but the inner Astral ones, from where the human body is re-created during birth based on Prarabdh- fate karmas. Each particle of Lower Astral matter is the 'body' of one or the other of the 7 'Planetary Logoi' and each living being comes forth through one of the Logoi along his 'ray' (the 7 '4th dimensional' connections between the Planets and Matter), whose matter predominates in its body at the time of birth, though it also contains matter pertaining to the all the other Logoi in varying proportions. The fate of the being is said to thus vary with the fate of the Logoi themselves, which explains their psychic influence upon the soul.

The inner Rashis- Planets are located below the Sapta-Rishis- the 7 Sages of the 'Great Bear' constellation: Shani- Saturn, Brihaspati- Jupiter, Mangal- Mars, Budha- Mercury, Shukra- Venus, followed by the 27 Constellations of the Zodiac, followed by Chandra- Moon, Surya- Sun; in addition, Rahu and Ketu also exist here, making them 9 in all, below whom are the Stars. Of these, Chandra is characteristic of individual personality, from where all inanimate creation is provided vitality; also it is from here that Jada-Chetan- the fiery current of vitality of inanimate objects i.e. Bijli- lightning or electricity supplies energy to Sindh Viraat. Below Chandra are the subtle currents of the 5 Tattwas, seen in their respective hues.

For an initiate, however, a higher principle of 'Divine Will' governs, superceding the effects of the will of the Planetary Logoi. In fact, for one who has been initiated 'beyond the stars', Astrology is no longer accurate. Hence, it is best to leave one's fate into the hands of the living Master, who automatically redresses the negative aspects of fate and provides whatever He deems best in the interests of settling the karmas the initiate at the earliest.


Magic or Alchemy deals with Mind-Matter and concerns the essence of things on the plane of Astral Light, 'living soul of the Earth', half human-animal Sphinx or nature to produce material things from the unseen universe without violating the true laws of nature in any way. It can be 'White' (Rajogunic, right-handed, Mental, Sun, Prana) or 'Black' (Tamoguic, left-handed, material, Moon, Kundalini). The schism between the two type of Magic is said to have taken place during the mid Atlantean 4th Stock Race of Man, which forms the mid-point of human evolution (which, in fact, occurs during the middle of each Kalpa) when they are subjected to the two contrary pulls towards Mind and Matter; since then, every religion seems to have evolved its own form of 'Black Magic' as well and many of the troubles of the present humanity can be traced thereunto.

The 'White Magician' works constructively and unselfishly for benefitting a group, working through the intelligent greater Arupa- formless Builders on the triple planes: Janah, Tapah and Satyam, indirectly influencing the lesser Rupa- with form Builders whose body is matter of the triple planes: Bhu, Bhuvah and Swah.

The 'Black Magician' works destructively and alone towards hidden, selfish motives directly with the Rupa Builders and has to pay the karmic price for his deeds. In White Magic, the 'inner electric fire' animating Matter/Man is stimulated at its neutral or mental pole until it burns up its sheaths and escapes by radiation or radio-activity into liberty of the 'ring-pass-not' of the 'Shiv Netra'. Black Magic, however, works with the opposing poles and form- the negative, material sheath is broken, permitting the central electric fire to escape, which is then sought to be imprisoned and manipulated towards a selfish end. White Magic deals with evolution, while Black Magic is based on involution or degraded use of the creative function or sex, offering debased attractions and powers of nature. A Black Magician, who deliberately chooses evil, eventually ends up in the Pit below the Earth.

There are 6 types of Shaktis- powers of the Astral Light: 1. Para- powers of light, heat etc. 2. Jnana- powers of intellect related to sensations, memory, Clairvoyance, Psychometry etc. 3. Iccha- powers of will operating through generation of certain nerve-currents 4. Kriya- thought power that produces phenomenal results by its own energy 5. Kundalini- universal life-principle including attraction-repulsion, Electricity, Magnetism etc. and 6. Mantrika- powers of speech and music. Physical Sciences partly use 1, 2 and 5, while the Yogis use 3 and 4. Riddhis and Siddhis are the well-known miraculous powers that are possessed by the Siddha Yogis. Riddhis are the worldly name, fame and material wealth. Siddhis are eight: Anima- seeing through inner structure of all things, Laghima- levitating, Garima- becoming heavy and immovable, Mahima- seeing far off places, Prapti- reaching anywhere, Prakamyam- fulfilment of desires, Vashitvam- controlling all creatures and Ishitva- playing the creator, preserver and destroyer. For instance, in Magic, Electricity and Lightning can be placed at the disposal of the human will and the Astral Light, which pervades all bodies, can be controlled so as to suspend their weight. These are meant to be avoided altogether as they are all Spiritually depleting and no true Spiritual master indulges in them publicly.

Occult sciences such as Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychometry etc. mostly relate to the opening of the 'Crown' chakra- the 'light in the head'. The awakening of various chakras in the Etheric body, from below on, results in: 1. bringing Astral powers into Physical conscience 2. remembering Astral journies 3. feeling good and bad Astral influences 4. awareness of joys and sorrows of others 5. hearing sounds and music (Clairaudience) 6. seeing visions- making oneself big or small (Clairvoyance) and 7. leaving body in full consciousness and returning to it. Telepathy deals with catching the brain-waves of other people made possible through inner composture. Clairvoyant vision- seeing the Etheric Doubles of departed spirits, comes from the Lower Astral equator region. Psychometry deals with 'seeing through the fingers'- an ability to identify with objects by seeing their Etheric Double- usually done with the 'spiritual' left hand. In Mesmerism also, it is the Pranic or Vital Energy that is brought into play, especially while healing, although the mesmerizer himself feels depleted as a result.


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