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Sant-Mat ('Science of Spirituality') is the path to perfect liberation of the soul. It is the worship of the Supreme Divine Power, Positive Power, Pure Spirit, the like of which there isn't another (and none other; the object of worship or Ishta- deity should in any case be single)- known as Anami, Hari Rai in pristine, unexpressed form, Oversoul (of which the souls are but essence) and Sat Purush, Ekankar, Ram Rai in the expressed, within the human body-temple with the grace of a living perfect Master, who Himself is one with such Divinity and can connect us with it as well. It is revealed to humanity only during specific windows of time (else this world would empty itself out and the game of creation would be over!).

In Sant-Mat, the true Dharma- duty in life is self-realization and the reunification of the soul with the Oversoul- any act that brings the twain closer is considered 'good' or 'righteous' and any act that takes them apart alone is considered 'evil' or 'sin'. An initiate into Sant-Mat does not long for the Swargas- Heavens of the Triple Worlds, nor do its Narakas- Hells create any fear in his/her heart, for he/she is already potentially beyond all such dualities. In outer living, the following are meant to be observed:

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