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website Science of Spirituality - The home page for Science of Spirituality, a global, nonprofit, spiritual organization helping people transform themselves through meditation. Based on the teaching of Sant Sawan-Kirpal Ji Maharaj (see history page for lineage of Gurus)

website Spiritual Awakening - a website by James Bean, quite a bit of Sant Mat material here. Includes Book Review: The Philosophy of Liberation - interesting material from the teachings of Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, India, representing a further Sant Mat / Radhasoami lineage. Also includes the following relevant egroups

mail list web page Sant Mat Fellowship; Sant Mat links; Radhasoami Reality; Meditation Sangat

web page Shabdism in North America - very useful coverage of Radha Soami and the various organisations and belief-systems that have developed out of it.

links Sur - a good page of links and comments on some current Sant Mat and Radhasoami centers

website Sant Kirpal Singh - teachings and organisation. Includes a very useful Glossary of Oriental terms and important names of persons and places

online essay Sophia's Passion: Sant Mat and the Gnostic Myth of Creation

external link Shab Debates - Essays by Dr David Christopher Lane (from an academic perspective)

websiteonline books The Gnostic Golfer - includes online books and essays by Dr Andrea Grace Diem - interesting material on Radha Soami and other spiritual teachings.

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