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The spiritual Creative Power of the Cosmos, known as 'Naam' or 'Holy Word' comprises the twin currents of 'Sound' and 'Light'. Sound is attractive upward, and Light affixing and downward. Both are essential in the inner journey- perhaps like in rock-climbing, where one must affix one's foothold before climbing with the pick-axe.

The main characteristics of Sound and Light in the 5 major planes of the Cosmos as per Sant-Mat are presented. In Planes 6 to 8, these are beyond description.

As this power hurtles downward through the Cosmos, it encounters media of reducing subtleness and changes its character. Although also experienced within the Physical plane in its reflected form, true Light is to be found beyond the '10th Door of the Microcosm' or 'Shiv-Netra' or 'Single Eye', while True Sound is to be found beyond the '10th Door of the Macrocosm' or 'Daswan Dwar', where Brahmand ends and Paar Brahm begins.

Sahans-dal-kanwal- the 1000-headed Serpent of the Mind (Plane-1) is a second reflex (copy) of Sat Lok- region of pure Spirit (Plane-5), where the Sound is that of the Been- an instrument used by the snake charmers!

Individually, the total number of sounds is 10. Since the Cosmos is holographic, the 10 sounds repeat themselves ad infinitum in the Cosmos as 'reflection of reflections'. They represent the Das Dishayen-10 'directions' or the 10 'dimensions' of the universe at the micro-level, the upper 4 being the 4-fold Antah-karan- inner Mind and the lower 6 being the 6-fold Matter, the '6 Steps and 4 Pillars' of the Cosmos.

The first mentioned Sounds in Planes-1 to 3 are interconnected; likewise, the second-mentioned Sounds. The Sounds represented above are those which 'connect with the Sandh-Prabandh- main line', rather than the 'source' Sounds. The Master is like a pointsman- making sure that the initiate hears only these, and not the localized sounds of the specific plane.

The Cosmic Light is in the manner of the flame of an inverted wick- white at the top, golden in the middle and smokey at the bottom. The Light of the soul equivalent to 16 Suns at Sach Khand stands reduced to mere nothing at the Physical plane.


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