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Two conditions are necessary to find God: We must find 1. the right objective (i.e. proper knowledge of true divinity and its address and pathway- with its mile-stones en route) and 2. the right method of reaching the same (i.e. proper meditative technique as taught by perfect Master, who has reached and united with God Himself).


The first condition is: the worship of the liberating Spiritual "Positive Power" (rather than the "Negative Power"- dualistic Mind-Matter) that keeps the soul in captivity under the 'Law of Karma' and makes it go around in the 'Cycle of birth-rebirth in 8.4 mill. life-forms'. The deity of worship must be single since God is One. In the court of a king, we bow only to the king (the respect for his courtiers being implicit in the same). We should worship God and not his courtiers, (who may pose as God).

The true 'Positive pole' is Anami, centre of Earth being the 'Negative pole', with Maha Sunn as the Cosmic Equator between them. Dayal- Positive Power is the merciful, liberating power that rules Anami-Sach Khand and Paar-Brahm, of which the former is Akaal- timeless. The ruling power of Brahmand is Kaal- time, Negative Power, Mind that keeps the soul in a state of captivity, offering only partial spiritual knowledge within the bounds of this triple-worlded jailhouse.

God is Anami in His unexpressed form and Sat Purush in His expressed form. Only 7 (out of 16) of God's Sons (according to 'Anurag Saagar' of Kabir), who live in Sach Khand truly represent Him. The rest 9 form a lower hierarchy and function as key-managers at various planes- however, they are not to be worshipped (even though they may pose to be God- this is an innate aspect of the grand illusion that Creation is!).

However, the Negative Power creates a 'false Positive pole' e.g. below the '10th Door of Brahmand' on the basis of which it creates its own religions (the pole itself waxing and waning with the cycle of evolution of 'Man', himself created in the image of God and the Cosmos) and creates yet a 'false Negative power' relative to it called D'evil, Satan, Saturn, Tamo-Guna, Mara, Iblis, Shaytan or whatever (the lower Mind). This deception is easily created since the entire creation is holographic, the 'macrocosm being in the microcosm'.

We live in most fortunate times when knowledge pertaining to the True Spiritual pole is being provided freely to one and all, irrespective of nationality, religion, caste, creed, sex or age. It is for us to profit and attain perfect liberation.


The path chosen to get to the right destination must be right as well- one that truly takes us there, one that is complete enough to go all the way. There is no point buying a ticket to the right destination and taking the wrong train!

The Sikh scriptures state:

"Everything (of value) is within home (human body), nothing without. The (exoteric) quest without is but an illusion."

Yet, even the Sikhs follow the exoteric path! But then so does most of the humanity!

We need to clearly distinguish the Truth from its 'shadow', its mere 'representation'. Shadows, being apart from reality, cannot lead to the direct experience of truth, helpful though they may be in developing a theoretical 'model' construct of reality. But is foolish to confound the shadow for reality itself.

The Truth can be experienced directly as 'Naam' or 'Holy Word'- inner Sound and Light within the human body-temple through meditation, which is also the highest form of prayer. The shadows are the mock prayers that we do in our temples and churches with the aid of mock-seers- the priests. The true path is esoteric- Spirituality, the artificial one is exoteric- Karma-kaand, Shariat, Rites and Rituals that we generally practice, and don't go beyond.

God resides within the human body (along with the entire Cosmos) and only accepts true worship through meditation within it with the living perfect Master of the times providing the catalytic boost.

This, then, is the second condition towards true path Godward.


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