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Sant Mat

Sant Mat and Surat Shabd Yoga - esoteric material according to the Sawan-Kirpal tradition

Philosophy of Sant Mat A History of Perfect Masters
Sant Mat Cosmology - Diagrams
Sant Mat Cosmology - The Cosmos as a 'Copy Of Copies' revealing the true nature of Divinity
Sant Mat Cosmology - The Dynamic Evolution of 'Man' & 'Cosmos' during the Kalpas, Manvantaras & Stock Races of 'Man'
5 Naams
Birth and Death
Duality and Time
Esoteric and Exoteric
Heaven and Earth
Houses of Worship
Journey into Inner Space
Son et Lumiere of the Cosmos- Celestial Music and Divine Light
Soul String of Life-forms during the 5th Stock Race
The Spiritual Grid (different faiths according to Sant Mat)
What we do in the name of God (critique of negative in religions)

Some Futher Details on Sant Mat, and Surat Shabd Yoga - by Robert Searle
Sophia's Passion: Sant Mat and the Gnostic Myth of Creation - by Neil Tessler

Sant Mat / Radhasoami Cosmology by M.Alan Kazlev
The Sant Mat doctrine of chakras

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