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Overview/Introduction to Tantra
Traditional Tantra
General Tantra (includes both Traditional and modern/Western)
Present-Day Tantra - specific teachings
Lifestyle (modern Western) Tantra


Overview/Introduction to Tantra

on-line article Tantrism and Neotantrism by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. - the best, most accurate article I have ever read on Tantra, Tantric sex, and what passes for Tantra in the modern West (what Feuerstein terms "Neotantrism").  If you only read one thing on Tantra, I would recommend you read this!


Traditional Tantra

Traditional Tantra

Tantrik Home PageHindu Tantrik Home Page: (UK site) (US mirror site)  page & translations by Mike Magee; artwork by Jan Bailey.  A superb, encyclopeadic site.  Will definitely appeal to the dedicated student or practitioner.  It rocks!!!! best on the web for Tantra!

Web Site online textsessayslinks Abhidhyan Yoga Institute, Inc. Described as "Authentic, no-nonsense spiritual teachings inspired by the genuine tantra yoga meditation tradition." - this material is by a certain Acharyaji.  There is a large amount of useful material here, with emphasis on the practical, and from an authentic Indian perspective, even if it lacks the encyclopaedic scope of the Hindu Tantrik Home Page

Web Site the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School

"With this Website we want to further the use of the Tantric yoga - and meditation methods - so accessible and varied they are, they have something to offer everyone. Tantra is a tradition based on clear results and are passed on from teacher to student."


Generic Tantra (traditional and modern)

links directory TantraLinks - The Tantra Search Engine and Web Directory - annotated links listing - includes traditional, Western, New Age, Occult, Hindu, modern, worshop, and more

links site TantraLinks - The Tantra Search Engine and Web Directory - huge links site - heaps of links to Tantra and related subjects - arranged according to topic

links Tantric.Net -  a full page of links, some annoitated, to pages on tantra and related subjects.  The banners at the top of the page lend a rather pornographic quality.

Web Site Tantra Info - German site on various aspects of Tantra - mostly modern stuff


Present-Day Tantra - specific teachings

Web Site Tantra - the Nepal Institute - large site about Swami Virato, an American disciple of Osho and the first to bring Tantra to Russia. Lots of resources, forums, events, links, essays, etc

Jazampa.comJazampa - a website devoted to a unique cycle of visionary teachings and practices that can best be described as 'shamanic tantra'. It's directed towards practice in the modern world by people with busy lives and family commitments.


Lifestyle Tantra

Lifestyle Tantra

Web Siteart workreal player audio and movie samplesnewsletter, bulletin board, personals,links Tantra.Com - Bringing Tantra to the Web - quite a contrast to the above two sites - pretty commercialised and americanised!

Web Sitelinks The Tantric Club - mirror
Tantric Club. Tantra in all: meditation, healing, massage, sexuality.  Adult films  on  CD-ROM, on-line talk shows, seminars, video and audio conferencing and broadcasting
a typically contemporary Western version of Tantra that emphasises the sexual elements

Web Site Tantra Sacred Loving Spiritual Sex - another contemporary Western "Tantric" site
"TANTRA is a joyous spiritual path joining sexual pleasures of your body, love from your heart, and awareness from your mind.
TANTRA sacred sex helps you have it all: spiritual growth, emotional stability, better physical and mental health and intense pleasure."

includes sex education and erotica, another example of Western Tantra, nothing to do with traditional tantra


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