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Charles Barlet (Alfred Faucheux)

Charles (or F.-Ch. or François-Charles) Barlet was the nom-de-pleur for Alfred [1] (or Albert [2]) Faucheux (1838-1921), born October 12, 1838 at 1.35 pm (13:35), in Paris. He died in 1921 [3]

An occultist, scholar, and bibliophile [4] he was an official in the French Registry Office, and was one of the first people in France to join the Theosophical Society, in June 1880 [5].

In 1885 he joined the The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, where he became Théon's and the society's representative in France [6], and also encouraged the belief that the H. B. of L's Interior Circle was the "Mother Society" of the Theosophical Society. This latter however referred to historical priority, rather than the later belief of it being the hierarchical origin [7].

Barlet was one of six members of a French magical order called the Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose-Croix, founded in 1888, the same year as the Golden Dawn. The other members were the founder, occultist and novelist Joséphin Péladan, the Rosicrucian poet Marquis Stanislas de Guaita, the popular occult writer "Papus" (Gérard Encausse), the novelist Paul Adam, and another occultist, "Alta" (Charles Melinge).  The Order does not seem to have had the long-term magical influence the Golden Dawn had, but it was an important element in the underworld of poets and magicians that made up the Symbolist movement in French literature [8]

In Mother's Agenda, Mirra describes "Barley" (as his name is misspelt there) as a

"...French metaphysician...well known around the turn of the century...He was a contemporary of Edouard Schure [the author of The Great Initiates], a bit older...He met Théon in Egypt when Théon was with Blavatsky; they started a magazine with an ancient Egyptian name..., and then he told Théon...to publish a Cosmic Review and the 'Cosmic Books'...."
[9] Mother's Agenda

Barlet visited the Théons in Tlemcen in 1900 and 1901, and become the first editor of the Cosmic Review. He resigned the editorship the next year, but helped with the publication of the first and second volumes of the Cosmic Tradition [10]

In 1904 he founded the magazine La Science Astrale, which continued until 1907. He wrote a few documents on astrology; his main work, Les génies planétaires (Paris, Le Voile d'Isis, 1921), was first published in "L'Initiation" and "La Science Astrale" magazines. [11]

His pupil Abel Haatan (who went under the pseudonym of Abel Thomas) is the author of the Traité d'astrologie judiciaire (Paris, Chamuel, 1895). [12]


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