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The Cosmic Review

Around the turn of the century Max and Alma Théon established the "Cosmic Movement". Among the most important of Theon's students at this time were Louis Themanlys and Charles Barlet. Louis was also a friend of Matteo Alfassa, Mirra's brother, and in this way Mirra first heard about Théon and the Cosmic Philosophy. Together they established the Cosmic Review - intended for the "study and re-establishment of the original Tradition" - was to become the Movement's mouthpiece. Its first editor was Barlet; and Théon, under the name of Aia Aziz, was its Director. Later Mirra took over the role of editor.

Théon declared that his wife Alma was the moving spirit behind this idea. Thus, it was thanks to Madame Théon that all the science of the occult that Théon had accumulated could be put into practice.

The Théons published a number of articles and narratives in the seven years of the Cosmic Review - from January 1902 to December 1908 - and in other periodicals. Further, they published six volumes of the "Cosmic Tradition".

Following the death of Alma in 1908, the heartbroken Théon suspended production of the magazine.

After being forgotten for many years, the Cosmic Review is once again in print. It is currently available in French only. The volumes from 1901 to 1904 have been published by Aken Editions and are available for sale here

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