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CoverThe Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor: Initiatic and Historical Documents of an Order of Practical Occultism - ed. by Christian Chanel, Joscelyn Godwin, and John Patrick Deveney

A scholarly and acedemic coverage of the The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor founded by Theon. There is a short but very useful biography of Theon, along with coverage of other personalities along with documents of the order.

Mother's Chronicles, book three - Mirra the Occultist, external link  Sujata Nahar, Institut de Recherches Évolutives, Paris

A book by a devotee of The Mother (Mirra), includes important material and anecdotes on Max and Alma Theon, aspects of their teachings, and life in Tlemcen

Max Theon, The Sixth Cosmic Epoch, , Argaman 1992 1st Ed Paperback 476pp

from the review on the external link Caduceus Books catalogue

"Max Theon" (1848 - 1927) was the founder of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor which taught sexual magic. This substantial work was never published in his lifetime but was only shown to his most trusted students. It is Kabbalistic, dealing with the concept of epoch, as related to the Book of Genesis. It is particulalry relevant as, by most systems of Kabbalah we are currently in a Sixth Epoch. This, the only edition of the work is very scarce. It was published in Jerusalem by a small publisher dedicated to preserving and promoting his teachings

Max Theon, Visions of the Eternal Present - An anthology from the works of the Master Max Theon. ed. by Pascal Themanlys, Argaman, Jerusalem (some extracts reproduced on these pages)

Pascal Themanlys, Max Théon et la philosophie cosmique, Bibliothèque Cosmique, 1955. (out of print)

Pascal Themanlys, A Way of Meditation in the Light of the Kabbalah , Translated from the Hebrew by Arieh Reottenburg. This book, currently out of print, has an interesting history. It was originally published as a typescript in an unrevised edition by the Argaman Foundation in Jerusalem, 1983. This rather rough 1st Edition had spiral bound card covers 71pp. The Ansgar Edtion 2002 (hard cover 67 pp. limited release) ed. by Oscar Laurens Schrover is a beautiful Bibliophile edition. It corrects a number of mistakes in the text of the Argaman edition. The book includes an opening essay (Prophecy and Meditation in the Light of the Kabbalah) by Pascal Themanlys, selected sayings of Max Theon and Luis Themanlys, and Meditation and Kabbalah. The frontispiece reproduces photograph of Theon, and the opening essay presents Theon as a traditional Kabbalistic master in the manner of the Baal Shem Tov.

external link Argaman Book list

Where you can acquire material on the Cosmic Tradition

CoverThe Cosmic Review, edited by Mirra Alfassa, is available only in French so far. The volumes from 1901 to 1904 have been published by Aken Editions and are available for sale here

Four of the five volumes of the Cosmic Tradition are available online, both here and at the Bibliotheque Natonal de France where the volumes on this site were downloaded from, and where pages can be viewed on-line, if you don't wish to download the whole thing. The material is in French only.

Download here Listing in the Bibliotheque Natonal de France
Download vol 1 - PDF format - 17.2 mb - opens new window in browser
Download vol 1 - 17.2 mb
| contents

[La] tradition cosmique. 1ère partie, Le drame cosmique. 1 [par Max Théon ; avec la collab. de F.-Ch. Barlet]
Browse vol 1 online
Download vol 2 - PDF format - 19.4 mb - opens new window in browser
Download vol 2 - 19.4 mb
| contents

[La] tradition cosmique. [1ère partie, Le drame cosmique]. 2 / [par Max Théon ; avec la collab. de F.-Ch. Barlet]
Browse vol 2 online
Download vol 3 - PDF format - 19.9 mb - opens new window in browser
Download vol 3 - 19.9 mb
| contents

[La] tradition cosmique. 3, Chroniques de Chi / [par Max Théon] ; [avec la collab. de F.-Ch. Barlet]
Browse vol 3 online
Download vol 5 - PDF format - 6.29 mb - opens new window in browser
Download vol 5 - 6.29 mb

[La] tradition cosmique. 5, Extraits du Livre de la vie de Kelaouchi / [par Max Théon] ; [avec la collab. de F.-Ch. Barlet]
Browse vol 5 online

Accessing the Cosmic Tradition at the Bibliotheque Natonal de France:

Four volumes are available in PDF format and free from the Bibliotheque Natonal de France, for easy on-line browsing. If the above links don't work, go to Recherche. Under Auteur type in Theon. You will get some material on several Theons. Included however are the above listed volumes. Click on any of those and you are on your way. (To download some or all, select Téléchargement de l'ouvrage and fill out the form)

All the instructions and material is in French, but if you can't understand or navigate (a lot of it is pretty intuitive) you can use a translation service like Babelfish or a Dictionary Translation site. The scanned material is in pdf. I found downloading individual pages easy, but a larger amount of material, like an entire volume (which you can also specify), which amounts to some 17 to 20 megabytes, may time out if you dont have a good connection. If you have a fast internet connection you can easily download each of the volumes by clicking on the thumbnail images, above left/

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